Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We are called to remember and to reflect over the past so with a new year almost upon us and a sick child asleep on the couch I've decided today is the day to do just that. So, my 10 best memories from 2010.
1. Waco- X 2. See here for more details.
We had two really great trips to Waco the beginning of last year. Yes, we found out that Zoe gets car sick, but we also learned that our girls, age 5 and 2, can in fact stay in a car for 10 + hours without a DVD player. It can be done and I challenge each one of you to attempt it at least once yourself. It was a great time to just get to know the girls better, play games and really bond.
2. Bunk Beds- Silly, I know, but it's still big for us! The girls are in their own twin beds now. No more toddler beds or cribs in our house, we have two big girls now. See more here
3. Vincent family trip to Colorado- What a blast! Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Balancing Rock, Helen Hunts Falls, Cheyanne Mountain Zoo, Focus on the Family etc... See more here
4. Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays- see here, here and here- That covers me (the big 28), Zoe (5) and Lexi (2). My attempt at a Barbie Birthday cake and a horse birthday cake- interesting.
5. Theater in the Park- July 23rd, Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella! What a great evening for it too. The girls loved it! A live play in an outdoor amphitheater all for under $20 for the family! For more details about the program visit here one last family outing before School forever changes our schedules.
6. One nice day for Summer pictures of the girls! Seeing more and more the things I won't be able to just up and do anymore with Zoe and Lexi. I'll miss her when she's at school and I'll miss the fun things we've done together without really planning them. That's what I'll miss the most! See the pictures here
7. Lexi Potty Trained! Even night trained! Wow! What a great thing anytime, but before the age of 2 1/2 is pretty great for one of my kids! Yeah! Good job Lexi! Sorry I didn't make a bigger deal out of this then I did, but it's been nice having no more diapers in our house! I'm soo proud of you!
8.Zoe's first day of Kindergarten! What a bittersweet moment for me. Thank goodness Patrick took off work that day for moral support. She's getting soo big! To read more and cry go here
9. Aunt Esther's wedding- September 17. Both the girls got to be flower girls and they did GREAT! Lexi became the little hero for a day and mine forever! See here
10. The Holiday Season! Gifts bought and wrapped 2 weeks before Christmas! Wonderful time with Friends and Family despite sickness that ravaged our household the week before Christmas! Gifts that were both given and received and well loved! The best gift given by me was Patricks "sound asleep" pillow. You plug your iPod into a pillow and the speaker is inside! It's awesome! I think I love it more then he does, but still.... great gift! For under $20.
Zoe got her Vtech Digizoom camera, her LIV doll and a robe
Lexi got a remote control dog (he walks and barks), look and find books, and pj's- Jingle Jammies from Old Navy (dresses)
Patrick got an air compresser, the above said pillow, photo keychain and a usb/car lighter coffee travel cup.
I got the Rachel Ray pots and pans set, tupperware and other things. I love them all! I'm spoiled!
So, today I remembered and reflected on such a great year with such a great family. My goal sometime this week is still to write out some goals for the coming year!
I hope you all take some time this week to remember and reflect on your last year and perhaps what your goals will be for the coming year as well.

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