Friday, March 23, 2012

Lexi Turns 4!

So, I know I'm about 2 weeks late... ok, more like 2 1/2 weeks late with this blog, but considering I haven't even blogged since January I'd say I'm doing ok.

Lexi turned 4 on a beautiful Tuesday in March! I love this girl! She's is beautiful inside and out and I often find myself referring to her in my head as our little Paul, Our little Encourager. She's always one with a nice word and is quite the cheerleader, even over such little things. I can't tell you the times she's complimented me on my mac n cheese- please note it comes from a box : )
She is a joy to have around the house and is so affectionate and loving (ok, well the terrible 3's were that, but I just like to overlook that phase with her) and will sometimes just stop what she's doing to just give us hugs, granted I find this annoying when I'm elbow deep in dishwater, but considering our first is NOT a touchy person I am trying to take every advantage of this stage as possible!

It was beautiful out despite the 30 mph wind gusts! We spent some time at the park with some good friends of Lexi's and mine and then opened some presents at home and then went out for Chinese where Lexi spent the whole meal asleep on the booth seat : (. Though she did finally wake up at the end of the meal to partake a little of her bday dinner! Poor thing all tuckered out after her day! Then she woke up with the mention of cake and ice cream and good friends to come over- Ally Grandma and Ally Grandpa.... called such as they are the best of neighbors that live out behind our house across the Ally! Of course they've recently moved and for that we are sad as they've been here for so much in fact they even saw Lexi take her first steps, but still they are Ally Grandma and Grandpa, they just live 2 blocks away instead of 2 jumps away. I can write thousands 0f words here, but really a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few thousands of words with pictures.