Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Passed

I am sitting and replaying all the beautiful memories from the past few days celebrating CHRISTmas with my family! It was so great! There are so many memorable moments but I think the one that has affected me the most was just sitting at the in-laws as so many prayed and thanked God for the reason for the celebration! The fact that God did love us, Does love us, enough to send us His son- in the form of a babe, born in the lowliest of places....a stinky, dirty, cold barn! Wow! The savior of the world and there was no room for Him to be born in any inns in town. Don't you think people would have JUMPED at the chance to be the birthplace of the savior of the world, to have housed Jesus, had they known then what we know now? Yet, we know who He is and we have the chance today to still house Jesus in our hearts and yet, I am just as guilty as anyone of not jumping at the chance to be a house for my Savior. Yes, He does live inside but I find myself thinking that sometimes it's not so different from the place He was born....stinky, dirty and cold. Yet, still He came! I think of the wonder of what that truly means for me still today and then I think wow! That was amazing, but even more amazing then a babe, a Savior of the world being born of a virgin, is that this is just the beginning of the story! Wow! That's the part that still gets me! Yes, He came as a babe, born of a virgin, in a stable, but then He grew to a Man, unjustly charged and then hung on a cross and placed in a tomb... but though that is amazing that's still not the most amazing part! Wait for it..... The most amazing part of the story, the end of the beginning is that 3 days later when the tomb was opened IT WAS EMPTY! I thank God this Christmas as I reflect on how the story started and the amazing miracle in itself of the birth of this amazing child, but I truly can't help but revel in the Hope of the end of the story! I thank God that the tomb was empty!
May you live today and always with the beautiful hope of Jesus born of a virgin but Raised from the dead by God the Father! Be so thankful that He still knocks looking for a place to stay in your heart! Jump for joy that the Savior of the world is looking to be housed inside of you and then thank Him for his unending patience and love for us! Each one of us that He did all this for!
Merry CHRISTmas 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Card Tree

Over the years we've gotten all these cards for Christmas and I've struggled with where to put them and how to display them. So I've been looking for some ideas online- cheap as I spend enough at Christmas I don't want to spend more on a card holder no matter how cute it is and this is the one I'm going with.

Of course this probably wouldn't have worked 8 years ago when we were getting about 50 cards in the mail, but a sign of the times, we are down to about 15 cards this year so this is perfect for it! How do you display your cards?

If you need some good ideas check out this site here for some fun ones!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Laugh of the day

For the laugh of the day check out this blog! It's a riot!!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fellow Mom


I just read this wonderful quote from a good friends blog and was truly touched by the words. As a stay at home mom I definately feel guilty at times... for not bringing in any money (especially at Christmas time), for not doing something with my day other then laundry, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, refereeing and then fit in the occasional teaching moment. Some days I just don't feel productive, ya know like a productive member of society, but this helped me so much with some of that guilt!

"Our First and Primary Mission Field is our Children! God values our children.
Jesus became indignant when the disciples didn't embrace the worth of children in God's expanding kingdom (Mark 10:13-16). God tells us that children are his blessing to us (PS. 127:3). and He places great importance on our teaching our children to love and serve Him (Deut. 6:7-9).

Don't feel guilty over making your children your primary ministry investment in their early years. your availability, sensitivity, affection, and unhurried attention are irreplaceable.

There are no neutral moments in a young child's life. Someone is going to be influencing your children, inculcating values and imprinting standards on their impressionable young minds. Let it be you!

Accept your calling from God to serve your family. As a mother, you are helping to shape the souls of your children for Christ and ultimately influence the world. Your children are your gift for the future."
- Jani Ortlund
(To read more from her just click on her name and go to her article.)

Wow! What a thought! Someone IS going to be influencing our children, weather it's the tv, the computer, friends at school or even random pictures they will see- it all has an impact! So, this year let this be your goal during the busy holiday season that can be filled with stress and impatience and use this time as a teachable moment for each "gift" you are preparing for the future.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

25 days of Thankful

25 Days of thankfullness

1. Windows open on Nov. 1

2. I'm thankful for my kiddos! I appreciate them each more now as one of Zoe's classmates brothers just died. He was 11. Life is short. Little things I tend to yell about are so petty and not worth it anymore. I'll be saying I love you a lot more now!
3. Family Fued tournaments

4. Coffee Dates with good friends

5. Shopping for Shoeboxes to show the Love of God

6. Friends you can always count on!

7. Lunch date with my favorite 6 year old!

8. Cooperative daughter on airport run.

9. Quality time spent with 92 year old grandmother
10. My Husband!!! Welcoming him home!

11. Baby Norah ... becoming an aunt- again!

12. Christmas Cards, designed, signed and ordered

13.Leaves raked and jumped in-Great Fall photos

14. Morning "playdate" with good friends

15. First IMOM cookbook "published".

16. Christmas cards stuffed and stamped! Waiting by door to mail- Before Thanksgiving!

17. Mornings with 45 women, crafts and cooking tips

18. 70 new recipes to try!

19. Clean attics and play forts

20. 3 more Christmas Presents bought! Only 5 more to go!

21. Thanksgiving shopping done.

22. Crafts with my 2 favs

23.Time spent with Family!

24. Thanksgiving! Food, Family and Friends!

25. A week day off as a family!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Fall!

We've had a wonderful last few weeks! Here are some pictures from our last few weeks. It included a couple of zoo's, last class of ballet and pumpkin pickin at the wildlife adventure. We are really just enjoying this weather so there is probably more pictures then words to describe our days! How are you spending your Fall?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just Wow! Where has the time gone? It's been forever since I caught everyone up on my life so here's our past 2 months in a nut shell. We'll start with some fun pictures from the summer and then go onto more specifics below.

August has become a bittersweet month for me since Zoe started school.

Of course to end summer we always do some fun things that Zoe wants to do and this year her request was bowling... I'm not a fan, but it really wasn't that bad and Zoe had a great time as well!

Back to school, in first grade! She has an amazing teacher! She's a first year teacher and soo full of energy!

We struggled a little at the beginning of the year with some talking over the teacher and then some tears came with the new reading groups and the daily reminder of the loss of her best friend who moved away, but we're not just adjusting, we're excelling!

I've signed up to be the class room mother for her class and so have been on the hunt for some good Halloween party ideas for the party coming up.... I'm thinking Ghost bowling well a slight variation of that... I've bought those fake decorator pumpkins as the bowling ball to add a bit of a challange. Might be fun, I hope... now I just need to decide on a craft... any ideas?

Of course with Zoe going back to school again, Lexi felt she needed to as well, so we've got her in preschool 2 days a week now for a couple of hours....

Which means 4 free hours a week for me! What to do? what to do?

Well.... what I've done for those 4 hours is nothing, well kinda! Granted it's only been about 3 days into it but I've enjoyed it immensly. I've just been enjoying some me time. I had no idea how much that rejuvinates me! Wow! It's been amazing... I've read a book and had some coffee, caught up on some tv shows that I'd been meaning to watch and yesterday was my favorite thing yet....

We used to have a fire pit for our yard that we loved, but unfortunately we didn't love it as much as the thieves that took it from our yard did, so we have been on the hunt for a new one. Our neighbor was having a garage sale and sold us his... this is what it looked like...before I got a hold of it that is : )

This is what it looks like now! What a difference a little paint and a couple hours makes!

Soo excited to use it in our annual tradition of trick or treating at our house. The girls look forward to sitting around it in their costumes or sometimes just pajamas to pass out candy and tracts to the local trick or treaters and of course drinking homemade hot chocolate! It's really one of Zoe's favorite things we do in the Fall actually, so we were soo thrilled to surprise her with our new purchase especially since she had been asking what we were going to do on that night without it because for her that just makes Halloween! Now if only we had their costumes decided on.... well I've got some more time.

o that's us in a nutshell... with a few things lSeft out here or there, but that's about all I got today. So, here's to a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Salt and Pepper

Grandpa got the girls goats! Lexi wanted a "fuzzy goat" for her 3rd birthday and ask Grandpa for one everyday for about 2 months before her birthday and so finally after much searching this is what he found for her and Zoe. The girls named them Salt and Pepper and they are Fainting goats and he even made them little halters so they can walk with them and they had a great time! Grandpa is the best!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ely in June

Wow! What a crazy last couple of weeks! We went on Vacation to Ely, Mn and LOVED every second of it! From the "water high fives" from the boat to the beautiful waterfalls, short hikes, long days of fishing and the wonderful week of family memories!
So, to save us all some time b/c pictures really are worth 1000 words, here are some favs from the trip! Though to see more please click here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Week of Firsts

This week has been a week of Firsts for Lexi... first week of swim lessons and first trip to the dentist.

She liked the dentist thanks to the toys she gets afterwards, she picked a mini camera and a little bracelet and she was even thrilled with her new toothbrush and toothpaste. Well, till she tasted it that is. She's not a fan Bubble Fruit Flavor, but hey who is.

She liked the swim lessons she started on Monday that will go for 10 days.
well, she liked them until yesterday when the tears started and again today when she had to be thrown in from the diving board, but she promises me tomorrow she'll jump off the board herself, we'll see.
This is her standing on the diving board crying for mommy! So sad! Then they picked her up and threw her in!

I just have remember that she's only 3 and I don't even jump off the board at 29, so we'll just call her my daughter and move on. But here are some fun pictures of the past week.

We spent Memorial Day at "The K" with the Vincents watching the Royals lose 10-8 against the Angels.

We watched the movie Gulliver's travels in the backyard with a borrowed projecter with Aunt Esther and Uncle Reagan and had a great time as we celebrated Zoe's finishing Kindergarten. Zoe likes to watch movies in style on the hammock! Smart girl!

Monday, May 23, 2011

a week of lasts

Have you read this book?

This morning I made Zoe's last kindergarten lunch. It seems silly doesn't it? That I'd comment on this, but it's honestly what I thought as I was making it. Though I must admit that I do find things a bit bittersweet as you can read about here with Zoe's first day of school. I pondered, do I make ham and cheese or PB&J that's she ate at school about everyday since she started it back in August? Then I thought What dessert do I put in today? Do I put in a dessert she can share with her best friend Kathryn? Or just her favorite? It's funny how much I thought about it. Then I dropped her off and I thought, this is the last Monday I'll drop her off at kindergarten. Silly, I know.

Anyways... 1 1/2 more days till I drop her off a Kindergartner and pick her up a first grader! Where does the time go?

Monday, April 25, 2011

6 is oh so sweet!

So, somehow I missed posting about Zoe's birthday! I know, just another way to feel bad, but busy busy busy!

Last Monday Zoe turned 6. I can't believe the changes I've seen in this beautiful little girl in 6 years
She's growing up to be a smart, funny, beautiful caring little miss and I can't wait to see what else God has in store for her. I struggled with her strong will for so long and after my prayers of "just let me make it another day without strangling her" it's turned into "God help us to tame her will and not break it but direct it to You b/c she'll be unstoppable for Your kingdom when she gets started on that path". And oh how I've loved to see that will of hers change into a more moldable power within her, all given by the grace of God. She's amazing! She loves school, loves math and loves to read. I couldn't ask for a better daughter!

Happy Birthday little Miss! Mommy loves you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kindergarten Music Concert

Tonight was Zoe's first music program with school and boy was it fun! It was all storytime songs and Lexi loved it as much as I did. Here's a little video so you can enjoy it to!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Best picture of the year award

So, as one of my goals of this new year I wanted to take more pictures and not just more pictures but better pictures. I mean ya know, good pictures! So in keeping with my new years resolutions while in St. Louis on our way to Chicago (to fulfill another of my goals for the year) I took this picture. I'm soo proud of it and I can't wait to enter it in a photography show and see how it does. I'm just trying to figure out what to title it... any ideas?

Another year older

On Wednesday last week I turned 29, that's right my last year in my 20's. Though my lovely husband thinks it's fun to tell people I'm 30, but I won't be joining him yet in that decade for another year. Now I'm not really one to be scared off by ages, I mean, you can't stop it so we should just embrace it! So I've been embracing. I love my life. I have two beautiful girls that I'm soo blessed to get to stay at home with and have stayed at home with them since even before day 1- outside utero that is. I love them. I have a husband that spoils me on a daily basis and I have few regrets about how I've lived my past 28 years. And just to show how spoiled I am here is everything I got for my birthday.
Love this Easter skirt from my love.
This wonderful gift here is a 3D lollipop from my youngest. It's an oozy sucker! The gift that just keeps on giving... in this case it really is the thought that counts as I'm not sure I can bring myself to eat this.
It's hard to see but with this beautiful table scape comes a peony, a Heather shrub and 5 other gifts. Love my family! Love waking up to this!
And here's to at least another 28 years!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time flies

It must since I haven't blogged since March 2. Where has the month gone? Well, it's been spent busy here. We went to St. Louis where we visited the Butterfly house, Magic House and the Zoo. After that we went on up to Chicago for a day so I could mark off one of my new year's resolutions and see the Vivian Mair Photography exhibit. It's a little like going home for me when I go to Chicago. I love it and just can't get enough of the life that thrives in that city!
As I was there I took the time to just take some pictures and I managed to take the best one I've probably ever taken. I can't wait to show it to you.

There was St. Patrick's Day, which is always a favorite around here and it turned out to be a nice day, so a picnic at the parade with my youngest and Patrick. Lexi wore the little white shamrock shirt that Grandma made her last year. It was soo cute... then it got grape juice spilled all down and I was crushed, but I've recently discovered an amazing stain cleaner. I used it at my sister's house to get red jell-o out of Zoe's pink/white Easter Dress. The shirt is now wearable again with no signs of grape juice. So, here it is.... Click there for a coupon too.

Then came Spring Break, or Spring Recess, which was spent coloring on sidewalks, riding on bikes, time spent at parks and shooting guns at Grandpa's house and even a special trip to the movie theater to watch Yogi Bear. It was a good week. I admit I was a little nervous to have the girls both together again under the same roof for 24 hours a day once again for a week. It went great! Yes, they fought and teased and made each other cry, but then they played and they wrestled and they giggled and that was even better! I can't wait for summer now!

Pictures of all to be posted soon.So, that's what I've been doing, what about you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

School Fundraiser take 4

Yes, that's right. We've done 4 fundraisers for Zoe's school. I wonder what they are thinking. Where does this money go to and why aren't our taxes enough? Any one else wonder that? And are we supposed to just have different people for each fundraiser? Again, hitting up the same people for each one. I tell you it's getting to where people have got to dread seeing me and Zoe coming. Anyways... this fundraiser at least got her some great prizes. Here they are. The video is great. It's of the dancing pig. It's soo funny, but soo loud! the girls love it though.

Plus the best thing about this fundraiser was the prize she worked so hard to get.... sell 15 discount cards and win a limo ride to Cici's pizza! Well, she's going to the pizza buffet- "in a really long car". Way to go!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a long week!

The many things I take for granted....
  1. A partner in parenting
  2. Another adult in the house
  3. Dinner conversation that doesn't revolve around bodily noises or funny words
  4. Motivation to do dishes, laundry and keep the house clean
  5. Watching tv that doesn't involve squarepants or animation of any kind
  6. Getting to run errands without 2 little helpers
  7. Time to myself
  8. Someone else to be the 'bad guy'
  9. Someone else to help make the everyday decisions that I get tired of making myself
  10. A warrior with me in the "bedtime battle"
  11. A partner in prayer when the devil tempts me with worry and anxiety
  12. A protector against all the noises of the night
Patrick has been gone for 8 days! Tomorrow is finally the day of his return! I've never been soo thankful to not be a single parent. I love my husband and I miss him soo much. And honestly it's the little things. Just having someone else in the room at night. To not be alone after the kids are in bed. Someone to share my worries with, my day with, my many many issues during the day with the girls or even with myself with. That's him! He's my best friend! I'm soo glad he's almost home. Just praying now that the weather doesn't keep him away longer! For I really don't think I can stand one more day of "I just miss daddy! I just want to give him a hug and a kiss".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch up Wednesday!

I am failing so bad at this blog thing. I think so many times of blog entries I want to do and then just don't manage to sit down and write them down! So, here I am, taking the time to share my many blessings over the past week!

Valentines Day! I am not a fan! I am one of those people that truly does feel it's just a made up holiday to make the men in the world feel they have to do something romantic! They don't, at least my man doesn't. So I just decided to not do it this year! No celebrating it for me. Of course my hubby didn't get the memo, so here's what he got me for this non holiday. I love it! He really does spoil me and I always feel soo loved! This is a pink lace collered shirt and a card that pops out into a 3-D flower! It's perfect! Just like he is for me and has been for the past almost 8 years!

But I recently read an amazing blog on a wonderful way to view this holiday and I'm re-considering it! Take the time to read it and be amazed and be thankful that we do have the deep deep love of a Savior!

Of course with Valentines Day and a daughter in school this means to her, Party!! So, we did. Of course we can't just do the normal store bought valentines cards, so here is what we did. They are 3 hearts put together with a flower and a leaf all with a dum dum stick through it! If you can't read it, the leaf says You are my bud-dy! From Zoe. Soo cute! Time consuming, but so cute and then we tied 2 silly bands on the stem as an added gift!
I signed up for treats for the party too and this is always fun for me! I like to make things fun and try new things. I mean, who doesn't want to be the cool mom who makes the awesome things for the party, right? So, here's what Zoe and I made for the party. They are heart shaped sugar cookies on popsicle sticks decorated with m&ms and red sprinkles! Such fun! All 24 of them individually wrapped!

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catch up Tuesday

We've had such a busy week/weekend, so I'm using today as a catch up on my blog. Enjoy the photo story of my busy life! It is mostly of the time I spent with my sister and my nieces and nephew! It's always soo great to see them! I love seeing all the kids together and the pictures are always soo precious to have of them all. Then we have a little fun in the nice weather and the picnic with Lexi with the snow and no jackets and the next day the fun we had in all the new snow! Ahhh, Kansas! The other picture is Zoe's 100th day of Kindergarten! What a day for them!
Have a great week!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Booth Friday

Happy Friday! It's a great day! Supposed to get up to 60 degrees here today and I've already got soo much accomplished indoors that I'll have time to do some fun things outside today!
My sister and her family is coming down today and I'm soo excited! I'm sure I'll have some great pictures next week too from their visit, But today I've got a few favorites from this week! I've even got Lexi's first haircut... ok, it's just a trim and the hair that I saved from it is barely even visible, but now it'll grow more evenly and less mullet-like.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This is a twisted sculpture at our local university! I love it!