Monday, March 1, 2010

So much to do...

We've got soo much going on the next two weeks. First off, Lexi turns 2 on Saturday... no party though it was a huge debate in my mind weather to have one or not. The problem is she needs NOTHING. In fact, she has soo much stuff and keeps getting more everytime Zoe gets done with whatever toy she outgrows. It's great for Lexi. But not so great for people that need birthday ideas for her, so we've decided to just ask for money to go towards any future needs she might need. Plus, being two it's not like she'll be upset she doesn't have a party, so for simplicity's sake it'll just be the 4 of us. I think it'll be great, that and the fact that we leave two days later for Waco, it's really for the best.

I'm really looking forward to traveling to Waco, TX as it's a great city! The weather was great last time and hopefully will be again. We'll hope for the best. And then we'll be back on Friday late, so we don't miss out on Zoe's second Ballet class and then me and the girls leave again on Sunday with my dad to head up to Iowa for 3 days! I can't wait, though this is another great trip this much time in the car with the girls is always a challenge. The last time on the 10 hour trip I think I spent most of the time turned around in my seat picking up one thing or another or even part of the trip squeezed between the two car seats in the back. What a small space! But it did break up the arguing and fighting a little between them so maybe it was worth it. But this trip I've had a better idea. Did you know that they sell car seat travel trays? Well, I didn't know this, but they do and we've decided that if they work like they are supposed to they will be a great investment. Here's the picture of the ones that I bought for the girls. They have a TON of different options out there when it comes to car seat trays.... The concern was is it sturdy enough for coloring? Does it have sides so I'm not still picking stuff up? Will it not take up too much room along with all the other stuff the fills our back seats up? This one met all the requirements... just wished it wasn't so expensive, but it really wasn't any more expensive then any of the others out there.

So, there is hopefully the peacemaker for our car trip. We had talked about buying a DVD player for the car, but those cost a lot more then these little trays do and Lexi doesn't necessarily sit glued to the tv like Zoe would so there would still be lots of screaming trying to get Lexi to be quite for the movie. Plus this has pockets to hold stuff on the side too. It looks great! We'll see if it is and even more importantly I'm just hoping that they get here in time!

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