Saturday, August 4, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Honestly I haven't blogged in forever and I haven't even missed it, but as I've got a few minutes of down time... the kids are in bed, the hubby is at a Royals game. I've just finished some amazing Pinterest projects with my 2 favs and now it's time to just catch up with the blogger world!

So, Summer has flown by! School starts up again in 2 weeks and it just doesn't seem possible! Where does the time go... I think back to just a few blinks ago when I had the girls home all to myself day after day and I couldn't wait for school to start for Zoe and now that we are 2 years past that point I wish the early years back some days! We rush rush rush for them to grow up and then are surprised when they do!

Something else that just makes time fly by is if you are not fimiliar with this, BEWARE! yes, the projects are soo fun and soo easy and have made some great projects for me and the girls on slow days, but the time spent on there can sometimes be too much! So set a timer and check it out! As for me here are some of my recent and fav projects!

 By Me
 By Zoe
Feet prints are Lexi's!

Here are some more of my favs!
 This Jute wrapped V with satin removable flowers turned out beautifully, not sure it was worth the 2 hours it took to wrap, but still I Love it!!
This Chore Chart has changed my whole world! Yes, it took me just as long to be trained and do the training, but sitting in a freshly dusted and cleaned house makes it well worth it!

These cupcakes were made for a very special Katie Ford, 1st Grade teacher's first surprise birthday party ever!

And who knew cocktail drink umbrellas can double as a door wreath! Love this so much I bought some little grape vine wreaths to make into mini wreaths as Christmas gifts this year! Can't wait!!

So other then that, we've been fishing, Taught Zoe to ride her bike without training wheels, swimming lessons, gone to KC for a couple weekend getaways with the fam, Visited a few zoo's (including Wichita) and just generally had a lazy summer! It's been wonderful, now if only the weather would stop being above 100 degrees we could do more outside!  Though I can't complain too much as I've been so productive inside! Enjoy!