Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Hero

Finally!! The wedding came and went and it went beautifully! The kids all cooperated, the church looked beautiful and best of all the happy couple are now officially man and wife!

The girls were flower girls, along with 7 of their cousins and boy were they cute! The music started and the older girls walked down then Zoe and Lexi holding hands were next to come down the aisle and they were happy and weren't walking too fast and were really doing great as they made it into our seats... then a pause... and we look up and the last 3 little girls have froze in their spots about a 1/3 of the way up the aisle... what to do... do parents just jump up and get them? Well... let me tell you what happened... Lexi saw them freeze and I saw them freeze and I thought... Lexi did great, let's see if she'll go get them... so I told her to go hold their hands and bring them on up and she actually did it!! Yeah!! Very few times in her young life has she actually done something this brave, but I was soo proud of her! So here's the HERO shot of the night... she's the one on the right (sorry not a great picture). Seems she got the cousin on the left moving pretty fast just by being there! yeah Lexi!!!

She brought up two of the girls and got them out of their frozen state, but the third little girl just stood there so I sent Lexi back down, but alas, this girl wasn't budging! So, Lexi just came back up the aisle dejected that the last cousin wouldn't come with her but with a little pick me up- literally from Uncle Johnny for the little one, the aisle was finally clear for the BEATIFUL bride! The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch- well just the good kind of hitched!

The best part of the night other then being told over and over again how precious, cute, brave etc... the girls were, was the surprise that Regan set up for Esther. Seems Esther really wanted a dance, but it just didn't happen so it was planned by him and some friends that at the send off the friends would sing and play the guitar while Esther and Regan slow danced in a ring of candles! It was beautiful and Esther was soo happy to get her dance! Congrats to the happy couple! Thanks for giving us and the girls this wonderful experience!

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  1. I didnt realize you had sent Lexi back down that is funny! Yeah once Kaihtlyn spotted me she made a B-Line down the aisle she got distracted because she saw my aunt at the back and wanted to sit with her, its so cute, they all did such a an incredible job!