Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a weekend!

We just had one terrific weekend! I attempted a cake. It was quite an experience. So, Zoe wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday and after seeing some pictures online... such as this one... I mean... how hard could it be, right? Instead of the frosted top, I'd just put on a Barbie shirt and match the skirt to it. Yeah... easy enough.
So, I borrowed a Wilton Barbie Doll Cake set from a friend and at 11:30 pm the night before her birthday. I was told just to bake it like normal, of course there is no pictures of a bowl on the back of a cake mix box so as for time... I was lost. I just averaged it and went for about 30 minutes. I took it out when it started turning brown and my toothpick came out clean. I let it cool for 10 minutes and then turned it over and it broke in half and the inside was not cooked at all! Ooops! So, I emailed Patrick on his phone to pick up a new cake mix and then I preheated the oven back and then turned it off and left the cake in to bake for 1 hour hoping it would fix it. Then I thought... I'll just "glue" it back together with frosting and I can save this cake. So, I did just that. I put it back together, but it was crooked and a little off, but hey. Then I had to decorate it. Easy enough, right? I mean look at this cake sample above... So, I got out my frosting tips, cut the corner off a sandwich bag, like I've done countless times and commenced to decorate... the bag broke around the tip. I got another bag and tried again.... this time it opened out the zipper part of the bag! After this I was very frustrated. I just gave up and started pushing frosting in the tip with my fingers and just did it that way! Anywho... at about 2 am I called it done! I mean, it is just for my 5 year old daughter who is easily pleased and not even for guests. I mean, good enough.... or at least as good as I could do. So, here it is...
And though I was beyond frustrated at 2 am and annoyed and wanted to scream and throw things, it made it all worth it to hear Zoe exclaim "Mom, it's beautiful!!"

Here are some more pictures from our great weekend trip to KC where we went to The Deanna Rose Childrens Farm in Overland Park. It's wonderful! So, enjoy!

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