Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just Wow! Where has the time gone? It's been forever since I caught everyone up on my life so here's our past 2 months in a nut shell. We'll start with some fun pictures from the summer and then go onto more specifics below.

August has become a bittersweet month for me since Zoe started school.

Of course to end summer we always do some fun things that Zoe wants to do and this year her request was bowling... I'm not a fan, but it really wasn't that bad and Zoe had a great time as well!

Back to school, in first grade! She has an amazing teacher! She's a first year teacher and soo full of energy!

We struggled a little at the beginning of the year with some talking over the teacher and then some tears came with the new reading groups and the daily reminder of the loss of her best friend who moved away, but we're not just adjusting, we're excelling!

I've signed up to be the class room mother for her class and so have been on the hunt for some good Halloween party ideas for the party coming up.... I'm thinking Ghost bowling well a slight variation of that... I've bought those fake decorator pumpkins as the bowling ball to add a bit of a challange. Might be fun, I hope... now I just need to decide on a craft... any ideas?

Of course with Zoe going back to school again, Lexi felt she needed to as well, so we've got her in preschool 2 days a week now for a couple of hours....

Which means 4 free hours a week for me! What to do? what to do?

Well.... what I've done for those 4 hours is nothing, well kinda! Granted it's only been about 3 days into it but I've enjoyed it immensly. I've just been enjoying some me time. I had no idea how much that rejuvinates me! Wow! It's been amazing... I've read a book and had some coffee, caught up on some tv shows that I'd been meaning to watch and yesterday was my favorite thing yet....

We used to have a fire pit for our yard that we loved, but unfortunately we didn't love it as much as the thieves that took it from our yard did, so we have been on the hunt for a new one. Our neighbor was having a garage sale and sold us his... this is what it looked like...before I got a hold of it that is : )

This is what it looks like now! What a difference a little paint and a couple hours makes!

Soo excited to use it in our annual tradition of trick or treating at our house. The girls look forward to sitting around it in their costumes or sometimes just pajamas to pass out candy and tracts to the local trick or treaters and of course drinking homemade hot chocolate! It's really one of Zoe's favorite things we do in the Fall actually, so we were soo thrilled to surprise her with our new purchase especially since she had been asking what we were going to do on that night without it because for her that just makes Halloween! Now if only we had their costumes decided on.... well I've got some more time.

o that's us in a nutshell... with a few things lSeft out here or there, but that's about all I got today. So, here's to a wonderful weekend!