Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In the Fire

We've all heard the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego but have we really ever listened to it? Our pastor this sizzling hot summer is doing a series on "Hot Stuff" in the Bible! He started this past week with Daniel 3.

The story is about a power hungry king- Nebuchadnezzar, who sends out a decree that everyone is to worship a 90 foot tall 9 foot wide golden idol. Whoever didn't fall down to worship this huge idol woudl be thrown into the fiery furnace. Enter Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego... three 20 year old men who stood up against peer pressure! They refused to bow down to this idol which incensed the king, so much so that he immediately had them brought to them. He was mad! I mean, he was an all powerful king, right? He gave them a second chance to once again bow down... to which they once again refused! Could you have done this knowing that this king meant what he said and that your answer to this could very well lead to your demise? Well, they answered true to their beliefs! In fact they answered that God was a most powerful God who could save them, BUT IF NOT they were still faithful and would NOT bow down to his idol! So they were thrown into the furnace- only of course, after it was heated up 7 times hotter, after they were tied up and then brought to the edge of the furnace to be thrown in by the strongest he-men of the kings army. This is amazing, because as they were held next to the furnace about to be thrown in they see their captors literally burn to death due to the heat. They fell into the furnace where suddenly there weren't just 3 men anymore but 4 were now seen. They were untied and walking around with a form in the likes of the "son of God"! The king was amazed and immediately had them brought out of the furnace and a new decree was set out for everyone to worship the one and only true God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

So, here are the lessons to learn....
1. The world Falls at the feet of power and fame! We don't have to
2. Sometimes you have to offend people! Peer pressure never goes away!
3. Obeying God can get you in a "hot" spot!
4. God is God and we are not, He can do it, BUT He may not! Show your faith- GOD IS ABLE!
Hope- pray for it, know it! Believe it- Commitment, stand firm!
*Do your BEST and leave the results to Him
* Practice a defiant "BUT IF NOT" Faith
5. Expect to Roast for your convictions
6. Jesus meets us in the furnace- their pinnacle moment of their lives was when they walked in the furnace! They walked with the Son of God! Wow!
7. God stands with those who stand for him!

Take away from the story- Be willing to Go into the furnace for Christ
Have a "but if not" Faith!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Making a marriage better!

I recently read a blog about 5 Secrets to make a marriage last. There was some great advice there but the one thing that really did hit home was to put on your "goodness contacts" Philippians 4:8 says to only see what is pure and good and lovely and excellent and praiseworthy. If we see with our goodness contacts then those little things that bother us will not bother us as much anymore. The suggestion was to "write out a thankfulness log to get the log out of your own eye." Can you write out 100 things you love about your spouse today? 10? 20? And do it again tomorrow? See the good and give thanks. Write it down to remember. And remember that when we sometimes wonder if we have married the right person that indeed "I have married the right man because God can make me the right women." Today I'm going to start by writing out just a short list of 10 things that I love about my husband!
1. He's a GREAT listener

2. He's a WONDERFUL father

3. He is a STRONG protector

4. He's a GOOD provider

5. He's VERY generous with both time and money

6. He's SMART

7. He's FUNNY

8. He's ORGANIZED (but I'm soo not, so what a great attribute)

9. He's LOVING

10. He's PATIENT

There are just a very few of the many many reasons why I love my husband more and more everyday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hostas and heat

It's Friday! It's been a short week supriseingly enough though I'm sure that's due to the holiday on Monday and having that extra time with Patrick. So, despite the short week and the horrible horrible heat and humidity I've been quite productive in our yard of all places. This is a huge sacrifice for me as everyone knows that yard works is the mans job. But despite that fact, I've planted 4 hostas under a tree that before just had years old mulch under it and then I added new mulch and even a little circle of rocks to finish the look! It now looks GREAT! Thanks to my mom though for the rocks and hostas and to my little helpers for all their fine fine help.
Another of my goals this summer is to get grass to grow in our backyard. Now this doesn't sound all that hard I'm sure, but after 7 years of trying multiple things, ie. sod, expensive grass seed and fertilizers, even a professional opinion on how to fix it etc... It's been harder then it should be. One of the main problems has been our whole back yard is shade shade and more shade. I know this doesn't sound like a bad problem to have in a backyard for all those family bbq's but alas... shade doesn't grow grass. So we've cut down some tree limbs in the hopes of getting more sun and this year I've finally ask my dad for help and he's thought of an answer... the answer being manure, ok, compost. We need to save our soil that can barely even grow weeds. So one afternoon just my dad and the girls and me covered our whole backyard in composted materials. It was a LOT of work, but I am set on achieving this goal! We will have grass! The next day or two after that I planted grass seed.... all by myself and then every day since it's just been a matter of watering 30 minutes a day and I'm proud to show you my results as of today! Of course... check back at the end of summer with me to see if It's still going as well after the heat. It's the most beautiful thing ever and despite the fact that's its a little spotty in places its wonderful! Now as you can see the last picture of the yard though still needs some work so I think I'm just going to buy some of those pavers and kinda make it a proper entryway. We'll see if more grass grows but it's not looking so hot right now is it?

Just as an added bonus I thought I'd brag on my attempt at a garden... ok, a container garden, but hopefully we'll have tomatoes and strawberries before we know it!

Also this week I've let Zoe do a lot of cutting with her new safety knife from Pampered Chef... best $3 I've ever spent with them. I've just cut down my kitchen time at least by 1/3rd with all her help now!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay cool in this heat