Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another milestone

So, it's been a week! I know... it's only Tuesday, but my weeks are really only 7 days, not necessarily Sun-Sat like most people's weeks are. So, we'll just go the last 7 days....

Wednesday- picked up tables and helped set up for the Haiti Lifeline Ministries Benefit Garage Sale during our "date night". This is of course after baking 2 loaves of bread, about 4 dozen muffins and 5 dozen cookies for the bake sale.
Thursday... helped a bit with the set up for the sale, including dropping off all our stuff and of course the baked goodies. Yum! Took my mom and James out for dinner at Red Robin for the Dine for Haiti event happening that night!
Friday... Patrick was off work early, so ran a couple of errands without the girls- yeah! and even stopped by the sale to check on the progress. snow, snow, snow, but still it was going good.
Saturday... Went to breakfast....... made it to the sale in time to help out some and of course bid on the silent auction goodies. We won a few of them, including a $50 gift cert. to a local tattoo parlor...for me or Patrick? That is the question. Then we came home to get the girls in bed and Patrick went back for the next 3 hours to help clean up the sale. Then we went to a friends 23rd birthday party- it was an 80's theme. I of course had my 80's sweater picked out at the sale, but forgot it. It showed up at the party on my sis-in-law! Bummer! Good times though anyways!
Sunday...Church... great! though I've now been taken off the list for Nursery volunteers as our church seems to think it needs background checks for all volunteers! Anyone else see an issue with this? You ask yourself, is it the principle or is she hiding something? rain, snow, sleet... deliver tables from sale back to the church. Sidenote- we raised $16,000 for the orphanage in Haiti! Praise the Lord for that! Next we drive to Grain Valley to check out Bunk Beds from a Craigslist post. Found them, liked them, bought them, loaded them up and drove home in snow, rain, yuck! They came with mattresses, and even comforters! What a bargain!
Monday... laundry day! Joy! But Patrick is on the early shift so we put together said bunk beds and enjoyed the girls "helping" with the set up. They love them and thus the new milestone! Lexi's first Big Girl Bed! Beautiful! She has been taking me into her room at least 5 times already today to tell me "my bed" and then she gets on it and plays! They both love them and their room looks soo much better! It's wonderful... now to sell the toddler bed and crib! Big milestone for mom too. Lots of baby stuff and other sentimental items going to new homes this past weekend! Kinda sad, but wonderful too! Who knew our house was this big?
Their first morning on their new beds! Zoe on top, Lexi on bottom bunk! they came with matching comforters, but I bought this one for Zoe about 2 years ago I've been holding on to! I just love it and now we've got the extra comforter when one of them is dirty!

Zoe's comforter- pink with flowers and stripes. Lexi's comforter with the butterflies/flowers.
We now have two of the flower/butterfly comforters and they are perfect for their room! Add to that the sheet sets we got and we are set! What a week!

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  1. What fun beds and comforters! Dave and I have started looking for toddler beds for Lily...I can't believe she'll be ready to move from her crib soon...but let's not talk about that :)

    Anyway, we were just discussing whether or not we thought that bunk beds would be a good investment, since we *plan* on having several more kids!