Friday, May 28, 2010

Vincent Family Vacation

We just spent 3 full days in Colorado Springs with Patrick's family for a short family vacation this past week! It was surprisingly wonderful! We visited Pikes Peak, Helen Hunts Waterfall Hike, Balancing Rock, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo(where you get to feed giraffes), Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, Focus on the Family-Whit's End and Julie Penrose Memorial Park.

Have a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Booth Friday

Here's my favorite Photo of the month. I know it's just supposed to be the week, but I haven't done this one yet and it was a mother's day gift that I just LOVE! Plus the picture was just perfect for it!

Enjoy your weekend.




Graduating Class of 2023

Today was Zoe's preschool graduation.. I was fine, I mean, it's preschool, right? No big deal. I was fine, it was great! The songs were fantastic and Zoe did a good job considering she didn't really have a voice due to a lingering cold and the fact that I don't think she smiled all day, but still. The ceremony was fantastic! The kids and teachers showed us some of the things they've been learning including sign languange and such and even the chicken dance for our entertainment, though Zoe didn't like it b/c they told you "move your bottom", the adults loved it! Then they brought up the kids that were graduating into Kindergarten, which included Zoe, and presented them with adorable hats and little diplomas! The teachers at Creative Play Preschool are wonderful and Zoe just loves them! Then they said

"we'd like to announce the Graduating Class of 2023" WOW! What an announcement! It just then hit me again that this will be our next 13 years... school! Time is flying and we are just hanging on by the seat of our pants and so far enjoying every minute of it! So, I guess I'd just like to say congrats to Zoe and the rest of the class of 2023!

Remember this picture folks... I have a feeling you'll be seeing it again in about 13 years or so at another graduation!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

single momness

Monday through Friday last week Patrick was in Albany, New York for work and I... I was a single mom. I say this every time but truly it always gives me a new appreciation for single moms out there! Wow! how do they do it day in and day out? Maybe it's different if they go to work and send the kids to a daycare, but if not... it's hard, really hard. I think the hardest time though is of course night time. By bedtime my patience is gone, completely! And then bedtime for me is just as hard because for some reason the noises in our house are even louder and it's quite different when you are the one responsible for checking out all those said noises. So, short of sleep and patience I made it through the week and was thankful when Patrick got home.

Of course once he was home I realized that there are always pros and cons to everything and Patrick being gone for a week definitely had it's pros also. So, now that he's home and I can once again enjoy his return I find myself seeing all those things that I didn't necessarily miss... such as...
1. hair in the sink from shaving
2. dirty socks that didn't quite make it to the hamper
3. "text" message alarm sound from his BlackBerry
4. finding myself uncovered at night due to a blanket thief
5. ramdom songs sung that get stuck in my head all day- to which I usually only know 4 words to
6. bodily noises that occur at the worst times
7. more dishes/clothes to wash
8. losing control of the remote control and losing the remote control
9. alarm clock going off at 5:30 am
10. endless channel flipping

But all in all I love my husband and am soo thankful he's home!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pretty girl....

I wasn't really raised wearing a lot of make- up... ok, I never wore make-up at least not until say I've often said that it takes too much time, that it costs too much etc... excuse after excuse, needless to say me and make up have never been good friends, but today at my Mom 2 Mom meeting I finally realized how great make-up can be and how cheaply you can buy it. Today I was ask, if you were on a desert island and only had one item from your make up bag what would it be? This morning my answer was very quickly Lip Gloss! I love it and honestly it's the closest thing to make up that I wear almost every day! So, today I'm doing a quick run down of "What's in my Make-up Bag?" please feel free to share what's in your makeup bag as well and what you wouldn't live on a desert island without, I'd love to know your thoughts.

Mascara- I've used several brands including Mary Kay, Avon and I've just recently discovered the best Mascara in the world! That's right... it's BestVolumeLash by Cover Girl. ($8 Walgreens)The orange tube with the plastic bristle brush- That's the secret to less clumping. Also, I've heard that one MUST have an eyelash curler in ones arsenal. Of course I'm still scared of this tool, so I'll let you know when I decide to face my fears and give it a go! I also learned another secret of instead of brushing your lashes straight up or down to brush then out towards your ears to fluff them more.

Eyeliner- Who knew this was such an important item? I've never really been a fan, thinking it was soo hard to put on, do you go all the way to the inner eye or just halfway, what happens if I poke myself in the eye? This was honestly one of my biggest fears with this, but with a little practice it'll amaze you! I'm not real particular on brands just keep it sharp. I even have some friends that get it tattooed on, which is definitely appealing. Can you say birthday gift list?

Lips- For my lips I've discovered Cover Girl LipStain! This stuff is amazing! You can eat and drink and everything and it'll STILL stay on! It's amazing! top it off with some lip gloss and you are good to go for several hours! ($9 at Walgreens)
Lipgloss- I've recently discovered at Walgreens- Jordana Lipgloss ($2). I've also used Avon, Mary Kay and even some others I've picked up at different places along the way but I never spend more then a couple bucks on this item. But it is fun to try new colors and this is an inexpensive way to do it.

So, those are a few of my favorite things in my Make Up bag right now... maybe next week we'll talk about What's on my IPOD!

Enjoy and look pretty!