Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We made it!

We made it! Ok, I made it! I managed to take my oldest daughter to school today and leave her there! yes, I shed a few (read A LOT) tears! We got up at 7, ok, I was up before that... too excited (read Nervous) to sleep! I woke up Zoe and gave her a present for her first day of school! An adorable flip flop bracelet like the one she lost a while back. I took the charm off and put it on a necklace for her since the bracelets were still a bit too big.
She got dressed in her adorable new school dress that we've had hanging up for about 2 months so she'd look forward to her first day of school and her cute new ballet flats we got on Friday.

We ate some breakfast- pancakes and sausage... gotta have the protein to make it till 11:50 lunch time. Then we even had time to brush her hair, put on a little lip gloss and daddy helped her put in her earrings for her big day!
We got ready to head out the door, with the backpack, the quick snapshot of Zoe and her stuff
and finally looked out the windows- it was raining... well so much for riding her bike and walking to school today- luckily there is always tomorrow. Of course we did have to park on the opposite side of her classroom door, so it was kinda like walking to school!

So, we hopped in the truck and got to school about 20 minutes early... we were excited! Ok, we stopped for a few photo ops... I mean come on this IS her first day of Kindergarten!

We went inside her class with her to help her put away her things and kiss her goodbye... enter the waterworks! Wow! I thought I could do it. I mean, I'm not a crier! At all! But today was too much... the teacher is great and I ask if we could leave her then b/c it was still a little early and she said "yes, before she sees mom all teary eyed" and then it happened- My first tear... so I hugged and kissed her quickly and turned to leave. This is when Lexi started to cry that she "wanted to stay with Zoe" and then I think I really started to lose it! So I picked up Lexi and we left. Thank goodness Patrick was with us to tell Zoe bye as me and Lexi both left crying! Zoe though was oblivious to it all! She was just happy as a clam to be there! So, here we left her! Here is where I pictured her at various times throughtout the day as I looked at the clock time and time again. I've never seen a day move soo slowly! Of course she did finally tell me later that though I pictured her here all day that shortly after class started the teacher moved her to the yellow table right next to this one! So, bummer! Maybe I'll get a picture of it sometime soon!
Finally 3:30 rolled around and there we were... waiting at the door to pick her up! Ok, we were about 20 minutes early again! The let us in and I went to her and.... She was a grump! Though honestly I think she was just overwhelmed and mentally exhausted! Heck I was too! So, I ask her how her day was and she said "I didn't know it'd be soo long"... Well, honey I didn't either! But after giving her some time to unwind she started talking about her wonderful day and didn't stop! What a talker! And the last thing she said tonight was "I can't wait to go back to school tomorrow! I love it I love it I love it!" No matter how hard I thought today was and how many tears I shed and prayers I sent up, this was more then I could ask for! My daughter loves school! She made friends and she loves her teacher! I have been thanking God ever since she said that! HE is soo good! Now, if we can just keep that opinion for the next 13 years we'll be good to go!
We'll see if I do better tomorrow!

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  1. I teared up just reading this. :-) How exciting for Zoe and you all with all the adventures that lie ahead! So sweet to see Patrick helping her with her earrings. What a great daddy! :-)