Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

This past Sunday (2 days ago) we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Now, I'm not one of those people that gets too wrapped up in these kind of events, but it is always fun to remember that special day that changed my life for the better! So, 6 years ago... the weather was perfect, of course I was a little warm, but who wouldn't be in all that tulle? It was a sunny June day! What a way to celebrate the first day of summer and the first day of the rest of my life as Mrs. Patrick Scott Vincent! It seemed our day started early, but that was probably just me being soo excited to get the day over with! I'm also not one of those superstitious people that didn't want to see my groom before the wedding, so we did pictures before the wedding, though we did get a very special moment just Patrick, me and the photographer as I 'walked' down the aisle to him. It's absolutely my favorite picture of them all... Which is funny considering we hadn't even said "I do" yet, but it's just such a fun picture and a wonderful way to remember what a fun day it was!
Here are a couple others that I also enjoyed. I'm noticing that most of the pictures that I like best aren't even of the ceremony but of the outdoor pictures we took beforehand! Though I had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding in October, outdoor pictures was the next best thing! And they were as beautiful as I felt that day! And then to top it all off a week alone with my new husband in San Diego, CA was just perfect! What a time of life to be able to look back on and remember with absolute joy! And to think, we get to look back on it every year at this time!

I can't believe it's already been 6 years! Where does the time go? I remember thinking then that I couldn't love him any more then I did that day, but ya know what? I do! I can't begin to describe how much I love him and how much that love has grown and continues to grow everyday despite the trials and issues of everyday life, through kids and work and family.
It's all just made our love for each other stronger and deeper and definitely able to stand the test of time!

Monday, June 22, 2009


June 20, 2009

So, we just got back from Chicago! I love Chicago! It's "New York done right." Which means its absolutely fabulous!!! I just can't get enough of it and I think this was our best trip there ever! It was my first time at Wrigley Field! Wow! I'm a White Sox fan and this was the best of both worlds- Cubs Vs. Sox at Wrigley! Well, truly the best game I've ever seen! Though the Sox lost by one, it was still a great game! The atmosphere at Wrigley is what American Baseball is all about! At least me and 40,467 other people thought so that day at Wrigley Field! Wow!

We also visited Navy Pier, always fun as we always stop at Bubba Gumps Seafood Restaurant while we are there! It's soo good! We watched an excellent show at the outdoor Theater there too- Cirque Shang Hei. Wow! The flexibility of those people is amazing! Here is my favorite picture from that show... They jump on the teeter totter and this guy flies up to land on this other guys legs as he's lying on his back! Incredible!!

We left 95 degree weather hoping for a little cooler weather up there, but when we got there it was 56 degrees! Cold! the last day brought rain and lots of it. So we spent most of that day inside the pier at an expo- ask me what kind : ) But the fog did make for beautiful pictures! I still think that the Chicago skyline is the most beautiful one out there... rain or shine! It's truly a beautiful city to just walk in! The pictures that we took are amazing and just too many to show here! But check out my facebook page for more!
I still think the best thing about Chicago is just getting away from it all with just Patrick! This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate our wedding anniversary! 6 Years this year! It really makes me remember that our marriage has so much more to it then just the girls! I love them, but it's soo nice to get away from them at times too! I just feel like it rejunivates our marriage and makes me a better wife and mother! I love you Patrick, thanks for spoiling me with my favorite city!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday- Finally!

So, it's Friday finally! After such a long week! Of course Friday will come, it always does, but what a joy when it finally gets here huh? Anyways... been a long week for several reasons... mainly Patrick has been in training in KC all week. This isn't usually a problem, but we've had some things scheduled in the evening that he's been late for and just had to meet us there. It all worked out but this gives me another reason to be thankful for my husband and blessed by what an involved dad he is! I don't know how single moms do it! Well, I guess most of them have a great daycare service : ) Lexi has been fussy most of this week! Not sure what that problem is... could be the two new teeth we've just discovered or maybe a growth spurt as she seems to be a bottomless pit who's eating us out of house and home. Though this is ok with us as we'll need to not have much food left here since we'll be gone in Chicago next week! I'm soo excited about that! I can't wait! 3 days alone with my husband! What a way to celebrate 6 years of marriage!!
Well, today being Friday I've done some garage saleing! I love it! picked up a few toys here and there and a radio I hope will work for Patrick that he's been wanting. I even got Lexi some Weebles- how fun are those! Usually on Friday I try to pick up the house on the off chance we feel moved to have people over to hang out with us! Granted this doesn't happen much, but still it's the thought that counts!