Wednesday, November 2, 2011

25 days of Thankful

25 Days of thankfullness

1. Windows open on Nov. 1

2. I'm thankful for my kiddos! I appreciate them each more now as one of Zoe's classmates brothers just died. He was 11. Life is short. Little things I tend to yell about are so petty and not worth it anymore. I'll be saying I love you a lot more now!
3. Family Fued tournaments

4. Coffee Dates with good friends

5. Shopping for Shoeboxes to show the Love of God

6. Friends you can always count on!

7. Lunch date with my favorite 6 year old!

8. Cooperative daughter on airport run.

9. Quality time spent with 92 year old grandmother
10. My Husband!!! Welcoming him home!

11. Baby Norah ... becoming an aunt- again!

12. Christmas Cards, designed, signed and ordered

13.Leaves raked and jumped in-Great Fall photos

14. Morning "playdate" with good friends

15. First IMOM cookbook "published".

16. Christmas cards stuffed and stamped! Waiting by door to mail- Before Thanksgiving!

17. Mornings with 45 women, crafts and cooking tips

18. 70 new recipes to try!

19. Clean attics and play forts

20. 3 more Christmas Presents bought! Only 5 more to go!

21. Thanksgiving shopping done.

22. Crafts with my 2 favs

23.Time spent with Family!

24. Thanksgiving! Food, Family and Friends!

25. A week day off as a family!

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