Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another year older

On Wednesday last week I turned 29, that's right my last year in my 20's. Though my lovely husband thinks it's fun to tell people I'm 30, but I won't be joining him yet in that decade for another year. Now I'm not really one to be scared off by ages, I mean, you can't stop it so we should just embrace it! So I've been embracing. I love my life. I have two beautiful girls that I'm soo blessed to get to stay at home with and have stayed at home with them since even before day 1- outside utero that is. I love them. I have a husband that spoils me on a daily basis and I have few regrets about how I've lived my past 28 years. And just to show how spoiled I am here is everything I got for my birthday.
Love this Easter skirt from my love.
This wonderful gift here is a 3D lollipop from my youngest. It's an oozy sucker! The gift that just keeps on giving... in this case it really is the thought that counts as I'm not sure I can bring myself to eat this.
It's hard to see but with this beautiful table scape comes a peony, a Heather shrub and 5 other gifts. Love my family! Love waking up to this!
And here's to at least another 28 years!

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