Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a long week!

The many things I take for granted....
  1. A partner in parenting
  2. Another adult in the house
  3. Dinner conversation that doesn't revolve around bodily noises or funny words
  4. Motivation to do dishes, laundry and keep the house clean
  5. Watching tv that doesn't involve squarepants or animation of any kind
  6. Getting to run errands without 2 little helpers
  7. Time to myself
  8. Someone else to be the 'bad guy'
  9. Someone else to help make the everyday decisions that I get tired of making myself
  10. A warrior with me in the "bedtime battle"
  11. A partner in prayer when the devil tempts me with worry and anxiety
  12. A protector against all the noises of the night
Patrick has been gone for 8 days! Tomorrow is finally the day of his return! I've never been soo thankful to not be a single parent. I love my husband and I miss him soo much. And honestly it's the little things. Just having someone else in the room at night. To not be alone after the kids are in bed. Someone to share my worries with, my day with, my many many issues during the day with the girls or even with myself with. That's him! He's my best friend! I'm soo glad he's almost home. Just praying now that the weather doesn't keep him away longer! For I really don't think I can stand one more day of "I just miss daddy! I just want to give him a hug and a kiss".

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