Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch up Wednesday!

I am failing so bad at this blog thing. I think so many times of blog entries I want to do and then just don't manage to sit down and write them down! So, here I am, taking the time to share my many blessings over the past week!

Valentines Day! I am not a fan! I am one of those people that truly does feel it's just a made up holiday to make the men in the world feel they have to do something romantic! They don't, at least my man doesn't. So I just decided to not do it this year! No celebrating it for me. Of course my hubby didn't get the memo, so here's what he got me for this non holiday. I love it! He really does spoil me and I always feel soo loved! This is a pink lace collered shirt and a card that pops out into a 3-D flower! It's perfect! Just like he is for me and has been for the past almost 8 years!

But I recently read an amazing blog on a wonderful way to view this holiday and I'm re-considering it! Take the time to read it and be amazed and be thankful that we do have the deep deep love of a Savior!

Of course with Valentines Day and a daughter in school this means to her, Party!! So, we did. Of course we can't just do the normal store bought valentines cards, so here is what we did. They are 3 hearts put together with a flower and a leaf all with a dum dum stick through it! If you can't read it, the leaf says You are my bud-dy! From Zoe. Soo cute! Time consuming, but so cute and then we tied 2 silly bands on the stem as an added gift!
I signed up for treats for the party too and this is always fun for me! I like to make things fun and try new things. I mean, who doesn't want to be the cool mom who makes the awesome things for the party, right? So, here's what Zoe and I made for the party. They are heart shaped sugar cookies on popsicle sticks decorated with m&ms and red sprinkles! Such fun! All 24 of them individually wrapped!

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

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