Wednesday, March 2, 2011

School Fundraiser take 4

Yes, that's right. We've done 4 fundraisers for Zoe's school. I wonder what they are thinking. Where does this money go to and why aren't our taxes enough? Any one else wonder that? And are we supposed to just have different people for each fundraiser? Again, hitting up the same people for each one. I tell you it's getting to where people have got to dread seeing me and Zoe coming. Anyways... this fundraiser at least got her some great prizes. Here they are. The video is great. It's of the dancing pig. It's soo funny, but soo loud! the girls love it though.

Plus the best thing about this fundraiser was the prize she worked so hard to get.... sell 15 discount cards and win a limo ride to Cici's pizza! Well, she's going to the pizza buffet- "in a really long car". Way to go!

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