Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yes, this is my newest least favorite phrase in our house right now! "why mom" is a phrase that I'm just going insane with hearing. We did the Growing Kids God's Way class at our church and we did teach the "yes, mom" phrase, but somehow we must not have pushed it enough with our 4 year old as it seems to be her favorite phrase and really it doesn't even matter that I've already answered her "why" at least 3 times! Apparently she thinks that if she just keeps asking the answer will suddenly turn to "sure, darling daughter you can do and have whatever you want". This phrase doesn't come alone though, oh no, it's got a friend- the "please please please please, Mom" phrase! Yes this will surely make the answer into something much more acceptable to said darling daughter.

As for the other daughter she is not without her faults either (are any of us really?) as she's started throwing tantrums... Quite amusing unless you are in range of the flailing body! Though the more I think about what she must be thinking I kinda get it, ya know? I mean she's trying to do things on her own and then here comes a giant to just pick her up and tell her no! It must get frustrating. Add to that the fact that you can't actually talk and explain your needs and I'd be throwing a tantrum too! On a lighter note she has started toddling around everywhere now! It's been fun as I'd forgotten how fun this stage is. She's taken about 8 steps consecutively and I'm sure she could do more except for our little encourager Zoe who hugs her after just about every step which inevitably knocks her down and she has to start over!
As for just plain old life for me, I think I've got most of my garage sale stuff ready to go and now we are just praying for nice weather! I've even sold 3 of my things off Craigslist so I've just about got my garage sale starter money all set too! So, life as a garage sale host is good today, life as a mom-debatable.....

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