Thursday, May 14, 2009

The garage sale was a Smashing Success!! I can't believe we sold so many baby clothes! Even more unbelievable was the fact that our busiest day was Thursday not Saturday! I am thrilled that we now have almost a whole extra room downstairs since it's been cleaned out! Of course the best part of the sale was today when I got to donate all the rest of the clothes to our churches CAB Care Closet which is a great ministry that opens its doors the first Saturday of the month to give out free clothes to those in need in our city!

Swim lessons for Zoe have been a blast! I'm impressed with Zoe and her courage to learn how to swim. It's a heated pool and that's great but they have them get out of the water and then it gets cold, the kiddos sit on the edge of the pool just shivering! She's done a great job jumping off the diving board and even opening her eyes under water to pick out pool toys. She's such a brave little thing and she's doing a GREAT job swimming!

Our Memorial Day was spent about as lazy as could be! We went shopping to catch some of those really great Memorial Day sales. I'm looking for a summer quilt for our bed. We recently redid our bedroom in brown with red accents and I'm looking everywhere for a red summer quilt and I finally found the perfect one! So, what's the catch- it was $149. I love the quilt but we can't spend that kind of money on a blanket even if it is a DKNY! So, I found a different one that I can live with that is still a little pricy, but would look great, so I might take some of that garage sale money and make the investment! We'll have to see! Though we did already use some of that money for our airplane tickets to Chicago next month! I'm looking forward to that but that's a post for another time!

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