Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So, I love garage sales, but I have a new appreciation for anyone who actually holds one. I've been working for the past 2 hours on just getting ours ready. The sad thing is that I just contributed to a garage sale 1 year ago and I once again need to sell more stuff. Where does this stuff come from? Perhaps all the garage sales that I frequent throughout the season? The even sadder thing is that I still have a LOT more to get ready. Luckily though my sale won't be till next weekend-the 21-23 of May. Yeah! Of course I've faced several issues with getting ready for my sale already.

1. Stuff.... I have an over abundance of stuff and the problem is that half or it or more is my sisters. Now I thought that this would be easy. Just mark her stuff with her initials and mine with my initials. Seemed easy enough.... then I got out all the stuff -I've got 5 big tubs full of clothes - today. This is still not all of it. I have about 5 more boxes downstairs to sort out yet. Now, as I was saying, her initials and my initials... of course I realized that this is just not going to happen. I've got a whole 13 gallon trash bag of onesies alone!Now we have been VERY blessed indeed for hand-me-downs for her from my sister and her twin girls and from other friends and of course the occasional garage sale outfit I just can't seem to pass up and Zoe's old clothes too. Did I mention these are just the 12 month and younger clothes? and of course this doesn't include the other things that babies accumulate the first year of life... i.e. bottle warmer and bottles, bibs/hats/shoes, bassinett, rattles/baby toys, exersaucer, bouncy seat, baby swing etc..... Not to mention the fact that the tags are almost always guaranteed to come off at some point, so unfortunately the only answer I've come up with is to man the cash register and try to just write down the right prices under each name and hope I don't miss too many. We'll see how that goes, if there are other suggestions out there please let me know.
2. Pricing... how does one price things that we've paid so much for ourselves? I struggle putting $5-10 price on something that I paid $50 + for. So my answer? I put stuff on Craigslist.com to sell them at a little higher price. I'll just keep hoping it sells and if it doesn't we'll just sell it at the garage sale and be content with just not having to store it anymore.
3. Parting with all these memorable items. I mean, Lexi slept in this bassinett her first night home, Zoe took her first steps in these shoes, etc...What memories! But luckily I am a photographer and I have a ton of pictures of each of these memories. It won't be the same, but it sure does take up a lot less space.

So the good things of all these issues is that it's getting done. It'll take a while and it'll be a lot of work, but then just think of all the wonderful money I'll have for my garage saleing this season!

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