Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our gifts

Our church last month did a sermon series on Spiritual gifts. This included serving in the church and out and along with this sermon you could go online and take the spiritual gifts test. I have always known my spiritual gift was hospitality and as I took the quiz it was once again confirmed, but it was a surprise to see also that I scored high in the administration gift. I know that I like to have people over and to plan get togethers and such but I just always thought that fell under the hospitality gift but I guess it also goes with administration, which makes sense too.

I recently read about Hospitality and what it looks like in the Bible and this is just a bit of what I've found is the true meaning of hospitality...

Romans tells us "to share with god's people who are in need. practice hospitality."

Hospitality in the Strong's concordance is translated as 'entertaining strangers.' like abraham did when he entertained angels.

Titus says to be hospitable, love what is good,which translets to being fond of guests, and it implies strangers.
It's speaking love to others, love being always looking out for the good of others.

And then this sermon just kind of summed it up for me and my spiritual gift and how it's to be used practically...

"Exploring the meaning of and need for hospitality."

"Our society is beleaguered with business, people too swamped with their own to-do lists or their family needs to reach past their own front doors and invite people into their lives, the problem isn't our inability to provide a decent meal. It's our priorities! When have we looked out past our living room windows to the needs around us? This isn't only about reaching out to our neighbors or our community. It's about our heart attitudes. Do we LONG to serve others? Do we rejoice in reaching out? Are we loving each other by our actions? Let us contemplate our hearts and whether we should, in fact, offer up first our attitudes and then our homes to serve one another."

Here is a test you can take to see which spiritual gift you have and then find ways to serve. I have taken my gift and used it on our church's mothers group-iMom! I'm the hospitality coordinator and it really does feel good to serve and use my gift in this way. In the past I've used this gift as the Women's Ministry Kitchen Coordinator for our huge Christmas event- last year I was in charge of the food for about 600 people! Wow! It was amazing and so great to see how God could use me and my gift to serve so many people for HIM!

What is your gift and how can you use it to best serve Him? I'd love to hear from you!

This is another wonderful quiz I've come across. I've read the Five Love Languages book by Gary Chapman and it's wonderful.
They also have one for kids that I have on my list of books to read soon. If you haven't read, heard about or know what love language(s) you are, please take this test. This is a great way to truly show love to those around you! It doesn't just have to be a spouse either. Everyone receives love in a certain way so learn those ways and you'll complete them in a way that might not even know was missing.


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