Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Expectations!

As I mentioned yesterday I am now the trash women in our household. I've considered for a minute that I might be a little hard-headed! Ok, some might say just downright stubborn and trash has been one of those things I've been a little persnickity about, but I really held out hope b/c my loving husband has shown in the past that a little persistance can pay off. See, after a day of cleaning my house-bathroom included, my darling husband came home and mentioned how I'm not very good at deep cleaning the bathroom and honestly after so much work cleaning one of the dirtiest rooms of the house I took offense to that and explained to my husband that if he thought I didn't do a good job then he could do it from then on out- and he has, so see I had a glimmer of hope that he'd take over trash duty too, but no such luck, but no worries because I'm still holding out hope that he'll comment on the dishes or dinner : )


  1. Is that the key to getting your hubby to deep clean your bathroom for you? Just not do a very good job? Hmm...maybe I should try that...

  2. There's a great I Love Raymond episode on this. That's where I learned this trick!