Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mothering Counts

I am the hospitality coordinator for our iMom group (it's kinda like MOPS) at our church. That means I'm in charge of the ice breaker games, table decorating and such! I'm really looking forward to our first meeting Thursday morning. I'm also really nervous! Public speaking is not my thing and I've been having a nervous stomach already this morning and I'm not even there yet, but I'll survive! As I was reviewing my icebreaker for it yesterday I realized it's just not a good choice, so I have revized my plans and come up with this game! I'm really excited about it and the best part is the winning group will get a cupcake from our local cupcake shop featured on Food Network- Daddy Cakes. So, the game is called Mothering Counts and this is how it goes.... the fastest group to answer all these questions will win the amazing prize. So, let's see how fast everyone here can do it. Let me know how it goes. I know it's a group game, but give it a go by yourself or challenge your husband or at your next girls night out. If nothing else it'll be great to remember what fun it is to be a mother!


1 thing everyone in your group has in common

2 of your favorite places to shop

3 articles of clothing you are most comfortable in

4 new years' resolutions you have already broke

5 reasons you have been late for an appointment

6 things that go bump in the night that wake you but not your husband

7 excuses your kids have given for not eating their food

8 items commonly found in your car

9 movies you love to watch together as a family

10 reasons you love being a mother

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