Friday, July 31, 2009

Lofty goals

So, today as I was checking my Facebook page I saw a comment posted by a friend from high school. He just made VP of sales and Markting and was checking off his list of goals to reach by 30! Wow! What a lofty goal!

My goals to reach by 30 have definitely changed in the past 4 1/2 years as a stay at home mom.This job definitely has its advantages and disadvantages as I imagine every job does. Just to name a few time to think about all those goals I have not yet reached, or should I say those goals that have changed the past 4 1/2 years. I have to admit that my goals don't reach nearly as high as a VP but they are still lofty goals- at least for me! I no longer have "goals to reach by the age of 30". I now have "goals to reach before the girls wake up" or "goals to reach before lunch time/nap time/ dinner time etc..."
2. We still have disagreements with fellow "coworkers" on how the "office" should be run 3. We don't necessarily always get a lunch break or much of a break period and there is definitely no clock out whistle! 4. we are on call 24 hours a day 5. There are no sick days or raises 6.We must act as referee, nurse, cook etc...
But as far as advantages- they far outweigh the disadvantages...1. We are on a flexible schedule 2. We don't have to tell someone when we have to use the restroom or take a break (if only all the "workers" would follow this rule) 3. We are leaving a legacy that will touch soo many more lives then just pushing papers at an office- We are irreplaceable! 4. We get to paint, color, watch cartoons and play all day! 5. We are often underappreciated but never unloved! Hugs are available at any time of day! 6. We can picnic right on the office floor 7. We never get in trouble for just sitting and reading a book outloud 8. We get to play dress up and live in a world of make believe of princesses and princes, carousels and mini trains and twirling 9. The photo ops are endless and priceless!
There are soo many more, but alas, my goal to actually feed the kiddos by 1 is fast passing me by so I better get that marked off my to list here soon!

So, I'm proud of David Alexander for making VP by the age of 30 and checking that off his "Goals by 30" list and I'm proud of me for getting things marked off my "daily goals" list! Here's to a happy Friday to all and good luck accompolising all the things on your to do list today or by the time you turn 30- even if it is just getting the toilet cleaned by 11 am : )

Here are my favorite pics of this week....


  1. What a great list, Heather! I'd say I'm looking forward to #6 in the advantages list.
    And I like the parenthesis in #2. (c:

  2. I love this post! So true!

    David Alexander is VP of a company -- wow!