Friday, July 24, 2009


Saturday night as we hit an almost record of overnight lows in the 50's and we did what any normal family would do... we went camping. We drove down to my dad's house in the 'burg and pitched a tent. It was a great time! Lots of first on this trip!

#1 First- It was Lexi's first camp out!
Complete with sleeping in the tent and everything.
If you can find her she's managed to fall off
her pillow, but didn't get smashed being sandwiched between
Patrick and Zoe! She did really well!!
# 2 First- It was Zoe's big night fishing as she managed to snag 2 little sun perch! Granted they weren't hardly big enough to keep, but it was her first! We kept them in a bucket since it was so late and unfortunately by morning they hadn't made it! So we missed the chance to learn how to clean a fish, but there is always next time if Zoe is as good as she was that night! We'll see! Here is Zoe with her first fish! It was great as long as she didn't have to actually touch it! Thank goodness for Grandpa!

Here are just a few more pictures that I really enjoyed from this past weekend camping! Here is Zoe "helping" dad get his fish off the hook! He caught the first one of the night! This is Lexi trying to figure out "what's in the bucket?" She enjoyed the fish as long as they didn't move. One time though they did splash in the bucket, get her wet and really freaked her out! Poor thing!

Of course... camping is not all it's cracked up to be as I finally caught that nasty stomach bug that was going around and spent most of Sunday morning visiting the comode- ugh! Our Sunday afternoon was spent shooting guns and just hanging out! I didn't notice till we got home that we apparently spent the night with a mosquito- not fun ! And of course there is always the poison ivy that we have to get too! I'm starting to think this camping thing is for the birds! Zoe on the other hand just thinks it's the best thing ever, so I suppose we'll keep doing because that's just what good parents do!

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