Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo Booth Friday!

Well, today is Friday and here is a quick review of our week! It's been a long week! It's usually a pretty boring week until mid week.

Monday- Laundry and grocery shopping day

Tuesday was spent baking cookies and Zucchini bread and then doing a great kids craft with Zoe. We built a "bear apartment" for Baby Bear out of a cardboard box. It was fun and Zoe has really enjoyed playing with it all week! It comes complete with button latch and even paper on the floor for him to sleep on! She feeds him his bowl full of special treats (beads).Soo much fun!

Wednesday I spent most of the day with a horrible headache that just wouldn't end and I ended up bowing to the porcelain throne, so we spent most of that day lazily watching movies- Cinderella 3 and Prince of Egypt. Always exciting.

Thursday we did a little garage saleing and we got some GREAT deals. The deal of the day though was this little orange dress for Zoe on the Left. It's a Children's Place dress still with the tags on, and I only paid $2 for it! Yeah! It looks great on her too! the other two dresses were only $1 each!

Below are some more pics of great deals I got at the same garage sale! What a great sale! I got Zoe 2 long sleeved winter shirts, some cute little black winter boots and of course 2 little button up sweaters that will dress up any outfit this Fall/Winter! Although my favorite outfit is the one she's wearing in this picture -$1 for both the shirt and the pants. Zoe's favorite purchase of the day though is her new barbies on the left-$2.50 for all 5 of them!

I picked up a white shirt, 12-18 month Gymberie dress and a little winter sweater for Lexi at the sale too! $3 for all of it!

Friday was spent picking up the house for our company that night- The Abernathy's! We've really enjoyed getting to know them and love getting to spend time with them every chance we get!

So, other then Wednesday, it was a GREAT week! I hope you all had a great week too! More to come next week, thanks for spending a little time with me!

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