Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo Booth Friday!

Today is Friday and here is a recap of our week!
Monday- Lexi woke up with her eye almost all swollen shut with poison ivy! Poor thing!
I woke up almost feeling better!
Also, learned that hair spray, tea tree oil, water/soap, ink remover don't get ink out of a leather sofa no matter how many people online say that it will. Learned that Rubbing Alcohol will. Thank the Lord! Not Thank You Lexi!
Tuesday- Visited the local library and picked up the last prize from the Summer reading program we finally finished! Was 16 hours of reading to the girls really worth what all we got? I'm debating... Here is a list of the prizes we won...
$1 free dip item from Hazel Hill Chocolate factory, Small ice cream with one mix in from Cold Stone creamery, Free kids meal from Applebees, Carlos O'Kellys, Cici's Pizza, Free small sno cone from Straight Water, Free ice cream cone from McDonalds, Free Pretzel from Aunt Annies Pretzals in the mall and a free game of bowling (excluding shoe rental). Of course we did this for both girls, so times 2! I guess since we are already reading to them anyways... why not get something for it right? I'll be checking into the Fall reading program at our local library too!
Went fishing at Cedar Crest- caught nothing! But Lexi sure is a fan of water as she just couldn't head for it fast enough! Our little fish!
Wednesday- not much here this day!
Thursday- I woke up with Poison Ivy. Went to the Shawnee County Fair, pet the rabbits and saw some chickens, geese and roosters- Oh joy! The projects are alway a delight to see as it brings me back to my fair days!

Friday- Went to the doctor for said poison ivy as my eye had swollen shut! I seem to only get it on my face and usually only on the right side of my face- explain that? Yeah, anyways... much worse this time as it's actually in my ear and spreading to my lower face! Oh joy, but not as much on my nose this time! Good thing too! So, more steroids for me- yeah! Hopefully in a couple of days I won't look so much like Quasi Modo- see picture if you dare. I know it looks like I've been in a horrible accident but alas, this is just how my wondeful body reacts to poison ivy-Nice!Hopefully said steroids will help the pain in my lower back too! Bonus!
Patrick came home from work feeling sick, so I'm sure he's now caught what I had- oh boy! What a bummer as tonight we had a date night planned- Jonny Carrinos and a movie... hmm, when was the last time we saw a movie? Maybe we'll have better luck next week for a date night!

Well, here is my favorite pictures of the week! Enjoy! Lexi twirling, and Zoe showing off her new dress! Lexi and I enjoying a sunset while Zoe fishes! Not too bad for a self photo!

Until next week....I hope your weekend is great!

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  1. Wow, you really scored with your library prizes!

    Lily is going to be starting reading group at our library this fall -- I'm so excited!