Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft and music time

So, as a stay at home mom I somtimes feel inadquate. I mean you see all these other moms out there who have a strict schedule, its even posted, complete with snack time, nap time and even craft time or music time. Now I can't really carry a tune in a bucket and as far as being crafty I'm not much better, but thank goodness for Google right? So, I bought these Fruit Loops in the hopes of actually doing a craft with them. So, after eating half the box I figured I should actually attempt a craft. I was just sure there were a ton of crafts to do with said fruit loops, even after we've already done the fruit loop rainbow and necklaces. So, I went and googled "fruit loop crafts". Wow! There really are quite a few crafts to do. So, today we chose to seperate each color loop in a different bag and then smash it to smithereans! I mean any craft that involves smashing stuff is 4 stars in my book! Then we used said smashed fruit loop dust to make a "dust bottle" You know like the ones you can make at craft stores or fairs out of the different colored sand? Well, here's Zoe's finished masterpiece on the left. On the right is just some "glitter" that we used to make butterflies, flowers,grapes, birds and such on paper!

At this time though I didn't know what to do with Lexi, so I just gave her some magnets with a cookie sheet and after that got boring we just gave her some Fruit Loop "dust" to play in too! Good way to learn about texture, or as the case was a midmorning snack! Fun times!
Monday nights are not always that exciting for us, but as I was flipping through channels I can across an hour special on the band Sugarland! I've liked them for some time now and was thrilled to get to watch them "live." I don't know about you all, but in this house we love music! Just can't get enough of it and the best thing about music is getting to dance to it! Really though we dance about as good as we sing here, but that's ok as long as we are having fun, so here is just a little video to help pass the time and maybe make you smile as much as it makes me! Have a good week! sorry about the one on the left. Thought that the camera would change it automatically but apparently it didn't! Good to know now! The other one should be better!

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  1. Oh! That "Froot Loop sand" looks fun! I'll have to file that idea away for when Lily gets older :)

    Love the videos! So cute!!