Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Enrollment

What a great day to enroll for school, ok, besides the fact that it is 103 degrees- in the shade! We got up early- 7 am, well 7:15, we ate breakfast-french toast/bacon sandwich, and we got out the bike and the stroller and we were out the door at 8! Yeah! This has been something we've been working on. It really does prove that God loves us, especially when he blessed me with children that are night owls and can sleep till 9 or later in the morning if I let them. Now, as much as I've enjoyed this for the past 5 years readjusting to the fact that this is no longer an option has been a struggle for us- all of us! So, we've been getting up at 7, ok, maybe it's been more like 7:30, but we've been working on it for the past couple of weeks all the same and slowly we are adjusting. Today since it was school enrollment that started at 8 I decided to make today a practice run. So, really we did it perfectly, though I must admit I felt like I was yelling all morning to get going.. we managed to even make it to the school after our 15 minute walk at 8:15. Of course school doesn't start till 8:30, so isn't it nice to have that window of extra time for those mornings when it just doesn't happen? I was thrilled with how well it went and now am hopeful that everyday will go as smoothly! Here is the outfit that Zoe chose to wear for today's enrollment day- What a great choice! You'd almost think she could read her shirt and that's why she picked it : )
Have a good day everyone! Don't forget to vote if you get to today also! What a blessing that we still have that right in America to voice our opinions! Take advantage of it! Here's a fun little picture to enjoy today as well! Love it!

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