Monday, July 12, 2010

You can make a difference!

I was reading FB this morning, as is my usual habit and I came across a link by my sister in law to this blog and was overwelmed with my selfishness. Who knew that so little could do so much! I just kept thinking that we went out to lunch yesterday after church and spent more money then it would cost to save 3 of these babies. So, today I committed to a gift card from Wal Mart to support these children and perhaps save just one of them! What a difference that will make and I'm praying that others will read this and feel just as convicted too. So, here's the incredible link to share and if you hurry someone will match your donation and we can double God's work that's happening thanks to unselfish people out there who have decided to make a difference in a life no matter how small they think it is! Please consider giving...

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