Thursday, August 19, 2010

What a week!

Day 3 of school! Zoe still loves it! And I love how much she loves it! In fact this morning about 5 minutes before the 7 am alarm went off she came into our room just crying and crying and I finally calmed her down enough to ask what was wrong and she said "It's Saturday and I can't go to school" and she was soo sad about that! What a blessing that was! It's never been this easy to wake her up in the mornings but since school started she's like a new girl in the mornings. If only I could say the same about Lexi! Zoe also told me this morning she wants to be a doctor because she likes to look at people's bones. Not sure where that came from, but I could encourage her today about doing really good in school so she can become a doctor one day. Doctor school costs a lot of money to which she replied "but I have two piggy banks", though please note, one of those is Lexi's she was claiming as her own. We'll see if she continues with this dream as she grows up.

It's been an incredible week, both good and bad and really emotionally draining. Zoe and I have transitioned to this new time in her life and are working on getting used to the new days and Lexi is trying to do so as well. We've been getting up early and going to bed early and somehow still adjusting well.

On Wednesday, my grandmother passed on, so on top of the emotionally draining week with Zoe in school I've now got these emotions going on. The funeral is Monday at 1. So, now come more decisions to make... do we take Zoe out of school for the funeral? Do we leave her and Lexi here with a sitter (and one to pick up Zoe from school)? I mean, they can handle sitting through a funeral but Zoe is soo excited about school and likes it so much. Plus, it's the Monday of the first real week of school so they start with the real school stuff not just the start up week stuff, ya know? I don't know... we'll see what we finally decide to do! So, pray for the family this week. It was expected and it truly is a blessing that she's passed on as she's been sick for quite a few years now, but still the void will be there no matter if she remembered people or not- they remembered her!

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