Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring cleaning in the Summer

So, Patrick likes to Spring clean, obviously in the Spring, and I mean deep clean not just the daily surface cleaning that I'm queen of, but this year I just wasn't up for it. Patrick also likes to occasionally plan a "deep cleaning Saturday"throughout the year of the two rooms that get the dirtiest- the kitchen and the bathroom, and well I like my Saturdays so I'm not going to waste it cleaning. I mean really, don't I clean enough during the week? I realize it might not look like it, but I do clean a lot, ok maybe a better word would be "organize". I organize the toys into the toy basket, I organize the mail and bills into piles, I organize the books on the book shelf, etc... there is a lot of organizing going on during my week. So, I struggle wanting to "work" on my weekends. This is an issue for me as a stay at home mom. I don't really get weekends off. So, when Patrick once again suggested a "deep clean Saturday" I immediately realized that either I was going to be "working" on the weekend or working during the week a little harder then I normally do! So, yesterday I decided that would be the day to clean the kitchen deeply! I started at about 11 and cleaned the counters- actually moved stuff off them and cleaned away. I cleaned the walls, tile, grout, sink, canisters, floors, oven, window, blinds, baskets (decorations on top of cabinets), even the ceiling fan, etc.... So around 3 I finally stopped and sat down for a minute. Wow! What a long day, and on top of all that I still didn't get to the microwave, fridge or actually inside the cabinets. I didn't realize our kitchen could get so messy, or I'd rather look at it as me being such a meticulous cleaner, that and trying to keep two kiddos occupied while I was attempting to clean. So, today I decided to clean the microwave. This should be an easy task and it was until I tried to use it after I cleaned it and pop... no power! I'm not sure what happened, hopefully something easy. Of course after all that cleaning I couldn't help but wonder if it was all for not..
Wonder of all wonders, I went back into the kitchen and the microwave was scrolling across it's little screen "set clock"... so the question is, did I hit a button and then blog to the world my blondness or did it hear the sadness in Zoe's voice as she asked "how will we cook dinner now?"

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  1. Oh how funny! :)

    Ironically, I decided to deep clean our kitchen this week too! I started today and only got about halfway through. I just have to say I HATE cleaning the blinds it is officially on my top ten list of worst cleaning jobs!

    Oh yes, and you are right -- stay at home moms don't get Saturdays off!