Thursday, August 13, 2009

Iowa and the Cousins

Wow! Finally some time to sit down and blog about our weekend trip to Iowa. My sister lives in Des Moines, 4 hours away. Not a bad trip- if you are adults or at least not 4 or 1 year old! Now, Zoe has made the trip before, but it's been a while. I admit I was a little worried as they both are ready to be out of the car about the time we make it to KC and then to have to go 3 hours past that.... hmmm.. Well, the drive up wasn't too bad, though I'm starting to think that Zoe gets carsick as we had to stop a couple of times so she could get out and stop her stomach from hurting!

Finally we made it and had some lunch then we went to the Zoo! What a great zoo they have there! It's not too big like Topeka's but unlike Topeka's they have a ton of different animals, a great play place and a wonderful petting zoo too!! We had a great time despite the 100 degree temps that day!Here are a couple of favorite pics from there.... All the cousins feeding the goats at the petting zoo, Zoe and Nathaniel at the waterfall and Zoe giving the lion a high five!
On Sunday we went to church, lunch and then stayed indoors due to the torrential amounts of rain. So, we watched Bolt and helped my sister get some things done around the house!!
On Monday, our last day there, we went to the Science Center. What a blast! They had some live animals, a great "tornado", an Egg Drop- You wrap an "egg" up and then put it on a conveyor belt that goes up and then drops the egg from about 20 feet up and then it measures the force of the drop to see if your egg would crack or not!... lots of hands on activities for the kiddos!! It was fun, as you can hopefully tell from the pictures below!

Then we grabbed some lunch and headed to the local park! There parks there are amazing. All over Des Moines at the public parks, they have these little wading pools! They are great, and Free!!! Complete with little water fountains and 1 foot 2 inches deep water!! Perfect for the girls!
After that we packed the car back up and headed home! Why does it always seem to take longer to get home? It took us about 5 hours to get home as we had to stop for about an hour to eat dinner and shake our sillies out so we'd all make it home alive! What a trip!! It was soo much fun and as always a great time getting to see my sister and spending time with the cousins!! But an even better time getting to come home to see Patrick! Boy did we miss him!! Maybe next time he can come with us instead of working! We'll see!

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  1. Fun fun!! I love the Science Center, although I have to admit we have NEVER been to the zoo here! Since you said it's good, we'll have to be sure to make the trip with Lily -- I know she'd love the animals! Next time you're in the area let me know and maybe we can meet up!