Saturday, March 20, 2010

So much to catch up on...

So, we just spent a week in Texas, it was about 70+ degrees every day and then we went for 3 days in Iowa where it was really nice again- probably in the 50's when we were there and now back to Kansas on this the first day of spring and we were surprised with 4.4 inches of snow and it's still going. So, welcome home!

We had soo much fun again in Texas. The problem though with going back to a place we've already been is that we've pretty much already done all the kid things they have there. The trip down was horrible, though I will admit that the carseat trays were great, they were probably the best part of the trip down- well that and the rain that seemed to keep Lexi asleep for all but 3 hours of it. Though, the rain I don't think had such a soothing effect on our little carsick child, who managed to puke 3 times and then get a horrible earache that caused about an hour crying fit! Wow! So, needless to say I spent most of the week praying for a better trip home. We finally arrived and we spent the first evening at their mall play place as it was raining buckets on us.The next day we saw The Chipmunks- The squeakal and that was actually kinda cute. We returned to the Discovery Museum, but we stayed for about 4 hours this time and that was pretty much long enough. We even spent part of one day checking out the Baylor campus. It is a beautiful campus. We even visited the Baylor Bears- they were unfortunately asleep but still fun to see. We spent our last day at the zoo with Patrick and we all really enjoyed that. They have such a great zoo.

Then we got home after an uneventful trip- PTL! and got some laundry done and repacked to leave Sunday morning for Iowa. The trip up was great- no sickness though we did stop a lot more often then I usually do to avoid said sickness. Then I spent a wonderful 3 days with my sister and her family. Those nieces and nephew of mine are sure fun! We made it home on Tuesday night and then Wednesday morning in the chilly temperatures we made our way to the two hour St. Patrick's Day parade in all our green! The girls got about 3 bead necklaces each and some candy. Fun fun!

On Wednesdasy and Thursday we enjoyed a beautiful day in the 60's with some front porch sittin and then Friday I had a little girls night in with me and the girls as the snow came down.
That brings us to the first day of Spring and hopefully a little more caught up here on my blog!
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  1. I forgot you had said you would be in Iowa! I would say we should have gotten together but I was sick in bed pretty much the entire time you would have been here. I was able to get out and nejoy the gorgeous temperatures a little bit on Thursday -- right before it snowed on Friday! Gotta love March in the Midwest! :)