Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who'd have guessed....

There are things I never thought I'd hear or say especially as a mother of girls... I mean... who'd have guessed some of these have even become regular phrases around my house.

1. ok, give me her body (when Lexi popped the dolls head off and ask Zoe to fix it)

2. I didn't pick my nose in class today! (Zoe, on her first day of preschool)

3. Put Baby Jesus Down! (Nativity set)

4. Put Lexi down! Just because you can cart her around doesn't mean you should. She is NOT doll!

5. Can you kiss my bottom? (on kissing owies)

6. Get your hand out of your pants

7. Get your foot out of your mouth! if you need your toenails cut tell me!

8. Tails are not for pulling (daily said about our cat, Peanut). There is even a book by this title.

9. Stop biting the cat! I have not seen a book by this title

10. Don't run over your sister, Go around!

11. Stop drinking out of the toilet!

12. Get your finger out of your nose now!


  1. ROFLOL! Seriously! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Ha! This made me laught out loud :) Not only do kids say the darndest things, kids make US say the darndest things too :)