Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday- Finally!

So, it's Friday finally! After such a long week! Of course Friday will come, it always does, but what a joy when it finally gets here huh? Anyways... been a long week for several reasons... mainly Patrick has been in training in KC all week. This isn't usually a problem, but we've had some things scheduled in the evening that he's been late for and just had to meet us there. It all worked out but this gives me another reason to be thankful for my husband and blessed by what an involved dad he is! I don't know how single moms do it! Well, I guess most of them have a great daycare service : ) Lexi has been fussy most of this week! Not sure what that problem is... could be the two new teeth we've just discovered or maybe a growth spurt as she seems to be a bottomless pit who's eating us out of house and home. Though this is ok with us as we'll need to not have much food left here since we'll be gone in Chicago next week! I'm soo excited about that! I can't wait! 3 days alone with my husband! What a way to celebrate 6 years of marriage!!
Well, today being Friday I've done some garage saleing! I love it! picked up a few toys here and there and a radio I hope will work for Patrick that he's been wanting. I even got Lexi some Weebles- how fun are those! Usually on Friday I try to pick up the house on the off chance we feel moved to have people over to hang out with us! Granted this doesn't happen much, but still it's the thought that counts!

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