Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

This is what we woke up to....

3 inches of snow! I know this doesn't seem like a lot but in Kansas it's enough to cancel school! Which makes Today Zoe's first Snow Day!!
So, to make today memorable I decided to just have fun with the girls! We started off our day by sleeping in of course. Then we had a honey bun for breakfast- very healthy ; ) and then we let the fun begin!

We started with playing with shaving cream cakes... basically shaving cream on a cookie sheet "frosted" with shaving cream with spatulas. I even found some pretty beads to throw on as well to decorate them.

Second we played balloon tennis using small plates on paint mixing sticks and a balloon tied to the chandelior. Such fun! This is a new favorite of ours.

Third we discovered the joys of Pink Lemonade "snow" cones! This was a fun treat! Zoe loved going out to get the fresh snow and then I just poured pink lemonade over it. I think we had like at least 4 cups of these today! In the past we've made snow ice cream, but I didn't have all the ingredients on hand, so these would just have to do.

Then we got to watch a Bugs Bunny Cartoon followed by some serious cleaning of the disaster that is their room! I think we'll start to bake some cookies now and really give this day the perfect finish before dad comes home and maybe takes them outside to play for a bit! It's fun for them, but even more fun for me to watch them- from inside the house! It is beautiful with the snow falling down but even better then this is the view with my girls and their wonderful dad outside!
I know this sound like just a lot of fun today and it was, a lot of fun actually, but I was really productive! I got the floors swept and mopped, the laundry done- folded and put away and the dishes done. I've even planned ahead and got dinner all thawed out and ready to go in the oven and even had time to update my blog! What a great day! In the words of Zoe "we should have snow days more often!"

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  1. I love days that are both fun AND productive! And I'm going to bookmark this post because those ideas are so cool!