Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why do I......

Our friends just bought a new house.....It's got everything I want...lots of space, big kitchen, nice yard where the kids can play.... they open their windows and hear birds... I open mine and hear traffic, ambulances, the thump thump of someones car stereo. What is wrong with this picture I ask myself? Perhaps it is just me being greedy, discontent, unhappy perhaps even jealous?
I love our house.... I've seen Zoe and Lexi take their first steps here, say their first word here, sleep in their own bunkbeds here. So with sooo many happy memories why can't I find peace here? It's the house that Patrick and I had renovated when we were engaged- we picked the cabinets, tile, carpet, wall colors, etc..It's big enough for our family. We have room. Yes, the girls share a room, but they wouldn't have to if I was brave enough to move one of them to another floor. We have only one bathroom, but even that is tolerable. We have pretty much the best neighbors I've ever met! We live on an emergency street so they are always one of the first cleared in the city during bad weather. We are within walking distance of Zoe's school and at least 4 parks. I love my house!

So, why do I find myself season after season, year after year, week after week picking up House for Sale magazines, going online to the local realtor site, wishing we lived somewhere different?

I don't know why I do this but I do know why we live here in our starter home for the past 7 years and for the forseable future....

I get to raise my kids, not let someone else do that for me. I get to see them take their first steps, hear their first word, and get those snuggles all throughout the day. I get to walk Zoe to and from kindergarten. I get to have dance parties in the kitchen, and play dress up and puzzles and playdoh. I've had to remind myself this a lot this past year as I see others buying up great houses, see great houses going for sale soo cheap and think "we could afford that" and remember that "yes, we could but at what cost to these two?" Because the days are long, but the years are short!

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