Friday, October 29, 2010

Candy Men

Candy Men

I was catching up on some of my blog friends this morning and found this cute craft here... Candy Men! Soo fun and I figured I can do that... why not?

Of course since we have SO MUCH candy already here at our house from numerous parades, gifts, parties etc throughout the year I just decided to dig through it and see what I can find to use for these really cute Halloween favors.

So I got Lexi and my supplies- candy, marker,hot glue gun and went to work!

Here's some of my finished Candy Men and pets and my favorite is the little family on the right.

And in just enough time to give as a gift to Zoe's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hays, today at the Halloween party! I think she'll like them! And I know Zoe will enjoy giving them to her!

I love when I try something like this and it actually works! I'm soo thankful for brilliant bloggers out there who are more creative then me but that inspire me to be/do more!
What bloggers inspire you to be creative? Have you tried any new Fall crafts this year that you were pleasently surprised about as well? Please share!

Happy Halloween Y'All!!

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  1. Heather oh my goodness I like yours better than mine! That Lexi is too cute!