Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zoe's thoughts on preschool

What Zoe thought of Preschool....

Ok, so I picked my little blue lipped girl up from Preschool. Here she is waiting patiently to be put in my car by Mr. Richards! So patient!

So I asked her how she liked it and she was soo excited about the snack... that's right, the snack- orange slices, blueberries, crackers and apple juice. Wow, as long as the food is good right?Thus the blue lips! Soo cute! So, there was circle time... boys had to sit on the blue circle and the girls got to sit on the yellow line. Then they listened to a story called Dog goes to School. Then they had craft time and she got to color a car that she made into a necklace- blue and purple on a red yarn necklace... see below! Again, what a great craft for her first day of preschool! Nice little nametags!

They sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and some other songs that she didn't know. And then got ready for their snack. Such fun! Washed hands with that yellow soap that you just squirt on and then one of the kids passed out the snacks.
I guess Zoe tried to understand one of the girls names but she couldn't, so we'll try again on Thursday. But she did enjoy playing with the sparkly ponies and the cabbage patch dolls during play time! Such fun!

So no matter how much she said she wouldn't like preschool, it sounds like she rather enjoyed it! And said "I guess I can go back again, I liked it a little bit, not a lot!"

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  1. "I liked it a little bit, not a lot!" -- what a cutie!!