Thursday, September 3, 2009

Manhattan Sunset Zoo!

Ok, so we woke up Sunday morning in the mood to play a little hooky from church. This is a rare occurance, but it'd been a rough night with the girls the night before and we all slept in and just decided that we'd make it a family day! And what a day it was! Beautiful weather- mid 70's in August. It was just a day to be spent outdoors!

We slept in. We ate breakfast and then we packed up our car for our day trip to Manhattan, Kansas! Now, it's only about an hour away, but my 4 year old doesn't understand the concept of time, obviously as proven by all the stuff she just HAS to bring with her! So, after packing their stuff and getting the sunscreen, juice boxes, fruit snacks and jackets, etc.. we headed west!

We've never been to this Zoo, but after careful research (done very quickly before I told Zoe to ask daddy if we could go to the zoo) we decided it would be the best one within an hour or so that didn't cost much and wasn't too huge for the girls who tire walking easily and get heavy when we have to carry them! It actually would cost us less (not including gas) to get into the Manhattan zoo an hour away then it would to go to our very own "world famous" zoo here in Topeka! Don't get me wrong, I guess it's nice having a zoo in town, but really, I've seen farms with more animals then our local zoo! So, instead of paying $13.50 for us to go here we spent $10 to go to the Sunset Zoo! What a beautiful zoo! It's the perfect zoo! It's a smaller zoo, but a zoo that's done right! They have a small petting zoo, and different Continent areas set up! We really enjoyed the South America section! It was really great and only took about 2 1/2 hours to make it through! Then we came home, un"packed" and then headed out again for some fishing and a campfire. Well, after not eating dinner, we stopped for some chineses so needless to say we never made it to the lake in time to go fishing, but the campfire was great! Zoe loves when Patrick tells her a "scary" story! Then she spends the next 30 minutes telling princess stories! This would be kinda funny if she actually knew them, but she just knows bits and pieces and I have to fill in the rest! Makes for a long night, but she's great at the ending, which was just how our day ended... And they lived happily ever after!

Pictures to come later. We seem to be having some computer problems, thus I can't download my pics to them and can't put them up here, so... stay tuned!

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  1. You played hooky from church?! *GASP*

    Just kidding! :) Sounds like a super fun day! I love relaxing days like that, planned or spontaneous!

    You and all your zoo travels -- we really need to go to one soon!