Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of Preschool!!

Today is Zoe's first day of preschool! So, this is for some moms and dads a bittersweet moment, but alas, I'm not one of those! I'm soo excited for her to have this experience! It will be soo good for her! And me too! I mean two hours a day for two days a week! Yeah! What will I do with myself! I mean Lexi is napping and I'm at a loss.... clean? Nah, cook dinner? Nah, laundry? Definitely not! So today on this day of semi independance I choose to spend my time for me! I'll watch my favorite tv show, read a little of my book, and of course catch up on my blog! Don't worry though... I've still done the mommy thing and I've baked brownies and grocery shopped for our celebratory dinner with Zoe! A picnice in the living room and a movie night complete with brownies for dessert! I think she was looking forward to actually going to "school" by the time we left... perhaps it was the pep talk daddy gave her there...

Here are some pictures from today! Enjoy! I'll let you know more Thursday on how her first day was, but as far as my first day... it's been wondeful!!

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