Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Week of Thanks

So, this week is Thanksgiving! 2 days until Thanksgiving to be exact! 2 days until we stuff ourselves full-overfull! 2 days until we hopefully take 5 minutes to think of the many things we have to be thankful for! Well, this year I'm doing it ahead of time and I'm taking a lot longer then 5 minutes to write out several things I'm thankful for...in no particular order

  1. Family-both near and far
  2. God and His word
  3. Friends
  4. Food
  5. Husband who's also a GREAT father
  6. House- roof over my head
  7. 2 little girls that make me smile
  8. Clothes to cover myself with
  9. Washing Machine and dryer to keep said clothes clean
  10. Other appliances that make my job easier
  11. Couches to sit on
  12. Beds to sleep on instead of hard floors
  13. Heaters and Air Conditioners
  14. Cars and Trucks to travel to and from places
  15. Horses to ride on with family
  16. Indoor plumbing
  17. Grandparents that love my daughters as much as I do
  18. Sisters
  19. Tv shows that make me smile
  20. Internet- even Facebook as my link to the outside world
  21. Books to encourage
  22. Answers to prayer even when it's no
  23. Toys and Puzzles
  24. Eating picnic lunches in November
  25. Wearing wings at lunchtime with my youngest
  26. Crayons and kid size scissors
  27. Parents that have become friends
  28. Great neighbors
  29. Stable jobs
  30. Good health
  31. Even pet cats
  32. Cameras and pictures to remember things I may soon forget
  33. Little girl who loves combing my hair- wayy more then I like it
  34. Fall
  35. Christmas Decorations
  36. Christmas Music
  37. Knowing that my children know the true meaning of Christmas
  38. The hope of Spring
  39. Shopping for down on their luck families
  40. Black Friday ads- and friends that will do the shopping for you
  41. Late night conversations with my best friend
  42. Scrapbooking
  43. Days of giving thanks
  44. A merciful God
  45. A Forgiving God- over and over again
  46. Someone else in control
  47. Candles
  48. Homecooking
  49. Warm days to snuggle with my favorite people
  50. I love you's said in so many different ways

Oh I could keep going but one of my favorite little people is wanting to snuggle right now and no matter how much I sometimes need reminded to give thanks and to remember what a big God I serve I know that we can actually be worshiping Him in the everyday little things like snuggling with the loves of my life too! God is Good! Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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