Monday, November 15, 2010

It's that Time Again!

Merry Christmas Cards!
That's right! The Holiday season is upon us! Which means hopefully a good family picture to put in our Christmas Cards and then there is the actual card! What a process! Well, we've ordered from soo many places for cards and this year we'll be ordering through Shutterfly! Why? Because they have great cards! Their prices are pretty right on with everyone else out there and they are soo easy to use! I love that you can narrow down the various chioices of cards by number of photos, color, size etc. It's so easy! They even have a new holiday collection this year! Yeah! I'm soo excited about them! In fact here are a couple of favorites of mine for this year. They are in the running for our Christmas cards!
Of course, we've once again gone with a theme for our Christmas card this year... you are going to LOVE It! You'll have to wait though to see it! Though I'll admit we picked a challenging theme this year with colors that aren't your typical Christmas colors so I LOVE that you can narrow your choices down on Shutterfly just by picking the color and they have soo many colors to choose from!! It's been soo helpful! I love that they even have a plain black one that is just amazingly classy too! Here are more that I can't decide between... what do you think? Beware though that if you go check these links out you'll be spending at least 30 minutes on there looking for that perfect card for your Christmas message this year! Let me know which one you pick! I can't wait to see!!
choice # 123 for our Cards this year... decisions decisions decisions
Bloggers- do you want to see if you can qualify for 50 free cards from Shutterfly just by blogging about their amazing cards, go here

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