Sunday, May 16, 2010

single momness

Monday through Friday last week Patrick was in Albany, New York for work and I... I was a single mom. I say this every time but truly it always gives me a new appreciation for single moms out there! Wow! how do they do it day in and day out? Maybe it's different if they go to work and send the kids to a daycare, but if not... it's hard, really hard. I think the hardest time though is of course night time. By bedtime my patience is gone, completely! And then bedtime for me is just as hard because for some reason the noises in our house are even louder and it's quite different when you are the one responsible for checking out all those said noises. So, short of sleep and patience I made it through the week and was thankful when Patrick got home.

Of course once he was home I realized that there are always pros and cons to everything and Patrick being gone for a week definitely had it's pros also. So, now that he's home and I can once again enjoy his return I find myself seeing all those things that I didn't necessarily miss... such as...
1. hair in the sink from shaving
2. dirty socks that didn't quite make it to the hamper
3. "text" message alarm sound from his BlackBerry
4. finding myself uncovered at night due to a blanket thief
5. ramdom songs sung that get stuck in my head all day- to which I usually only know 4 words to
6. bodily noises that occur at the worst times
7. more dishes/clothes to wash
8. losing control of the remote control and losing the remote control
9. alarm clock going off at 5:30 am
10. endless channel flipping

But all in all I love my husband and am soo thankful he's home!

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