Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduating Class of 2023

Today was Zoe's preschool graduation.. I was fine, I mean, it's preschool, right? No big deal. I was fine, it was great! The songs were fantastic and Zoe did a good job considering she didn't really have a voice due to a lingering cold and the fact that I don't think she smiled all day, but still. The ceremony was fantastic! The kids and teachers showed us some of the things they've been learning including sign languange and such and even the chicken dance for our entertainment, though Zoe didn't like it b/c they told you "move your bottom", the adults loved it! Then they brought up the kids that were graduating into Kindergarten, which included Zoe, and presented them with adorable hats and little diplomas! The teachers at Creative Play Preschool are wonderful and Zoe just loves them! Then they said

"we'd like to announce the Graduating Class of 2023" WOW! What an announcement! It just then hit me again that this will be our next 13 years... school! Time is flying and we are just hanging on by the seat of our pants and so far enjoying every minute of it! So, I guess I'd just like to say congrats to Zoe and the rest of the class of 2023!

Remember this picture folks... I have a feeling you'll be seeing it again in about 13 years or so at another graduation!

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