Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Family room

When we first bought our house we worked with the contractor and picked out a lot of elements in our house including cabinets, light fixtures, paint, counters and also carpet. We learned a lot about what we would have done different next time and one of the main things was carpet color. We chose an off white color. It was neutral and in our budget and a nice carpet all around. Of course this was before we had kids and started drinking coffee in the family room. As you can see... the color on the top left is was the color of the carpet. The color on the bottom right is what it looks like now. So, needless to say, I've been anxious to replace this for a while now.

Also another thing we didn't do was put an entryway at the front door, so when company actually used the front door- which really isn't all that often, we'd have to throw a towel down and hope that we remembered to do that... we didn't usually remember.

So, since we were redoing the living room we might as well do it right... Here's the new tile! Thanks Noah! You are awesome!
We pulled up the carpet and the pad and even all the staples that held it to the floor and low and behold we saw some beautiful hard wood floors.
But alas... we had already bought the carpet, pad and scheduled the installation. Of course now we know for the next time we need to redo the family room-that'll be in the next 8 years when we go to sell our house.
So, here's the before and after pictures of our new family room. What a difference carpet makes!

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  1. Wow -- I LOVE that carpet! Can you tell me what kind it is?

    Before we bought our house we lived in a duplex and it had the best carpet EVER. It was a frieze? {not sure I spelled that right} and had specks in it and didn't show dirt at all. The carpet in our house on the other hand is builder grade beige, similar to what your old carpet looks like. I'd love to replace it...someday.... :)