Thursday, December 3, 2009

"I'm thankful for ...Horses"

So, every year at Thanksgiving we go to my cousins house and we get to ride horses! Zoe LOVES horses!! Now, growing up where I did horses were a way of life so I've found this kinda amusing being a mom of "city kids" where my kids see horses on tv and occasionally in parades or petting zoos! So, this is a real treat for the girls when we get to see my family and get to ride horses. Now Zoe's growing up so fast as the last couple of years she wouldn't get on the horse without me or Patrick and this year we talked about it beforehand and she decided she was going to ride the horse by herself and the amazing thing is she did! Granted it wasn't for long, but a few times she was left on her own without anyone beside her or the horse. It was pretty great! Plus she even trotted on Cowboy which was huge for her! Yeah! I'm soo proud of her and it's been soo fun! So, enjoy the pics and enjoy the video down below of Zoe trotting for the first time!!

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