Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Booth Friday!

Here is one of the best pictures of the week! This is Lexi's 19 Month Photo! I admit that the second born child is not going to get EVERYTHING that the first child gets... ie. the homemade scrapbook, the photos every month on her actual month birthday, etc... It's been a challenge trying to keep up! In Zoe's scrapbook she has a picture for every month till she turned 2. Lexi, I'm lucky if I have a picture of her from each month! So, this is actually really close to the 6th! It was taken on the 7th! Yeah me!! This is her playing in her diaper box! This seems to be THE toy this week! The girls have fought over this box more then anything else lately, even though Zoe can barely fit in it.

Here is my photo of the week of Zoe! !

Here is the best picture of the girls I have together this week! They both got their face painted at the local Rev Up Your Engines! It was great fun!!

Anyways... Here's to wishing everyone a warm and toasty weekend!

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  1. We've got some of those diaper boxes too! If we lived closer, I'd give you one so the girls wouldn't have to share :) Then again, I guess sharing is a good thing :)